The Importance of a Great Mobile-optimized Site

The Importance of a Great Mobile-optimized Site

It today's business world, it is of high importance to create a good looking and well optimized website that work across multiple devices.

Once upon a time internet marketing was all about having a good website. Now it's about having a good mobile website. Of course, your website should operate well on both standard computer screens and mobile devices. But today many people access websites from their smartphone or tablet, rather than from their laptop or desktop computer. Your website needs to be available to view by people who are on the move, and can't be tied-down to a computer. Even when people are at home, they could be more likely to view your site on a mobile device. If you're linking to your site from social media channels, chances are people will be clicking on those links from their phone. Some businesses choose to have a specially tailored mobile app, rather than a website, but it could benefit you to have both.

Why is a Mobile-optimized Site So Important?

The number of people accessing the internet via a mobile device is rising. And while the number of desktop users is rising too, it's at a slower rate than mobile users. Based on current trends, we can predict that at some point in the next couple of years there will be more mobile users than desktop users. That means that if you keep concentrating on your desktop website, you'll soon be missing out on the majority of your audience. The switch-over has already happened for social networking. More than half of Facebook users accessed the site with a mobile device in 2012.

What's the Difference?

To understand why mobile-optimized sites are important, you need to understand the difference between a desktop website and mobile site. Previously, people viewed websites on large screens, so their designs reflected this. But these sites are often too big for a smaller smartphone or tablet screen. To view these sites properly on a small screen, the user needs to do a lot of scrolling, zooming in and out and trying to click links that aren't designed to be selected on a touchscreen.

A mobile-optimized website such as those designed by Alecan Marketing Solutions aims to solve these problems. They are designed for smaller screens and touchscreens, usually much simpler than a desktop website. Mobile sites are streamlined and straightforward. They the essentials to the user and leaving out any clutter and unnecessary content.

Building a Mobile Site

Providing your customers with a good mobile site isn't hard. If you use a website builder, or are looking for one, make sure it has an option for building a mobile site. Many of these will automatically generate a site based on your full desktop site, which you can then adjust. If you haven't used or don't want to use a website builder, there are many designers who will build you a custom-made mobile site. Your site should be simple, with no unnecessary content. Include large, easy to read fonts and easy to click buttons to make it as user-friendly as possible.

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