The 4 P's Of Marketing: How They Are Applicable In Digital Age?

The 4 P's Of Marketing: How They Are Applicable In Digital Age?

There is no doubt to the sheer force with which Digital is fostering change than ever before. Social, Economic, commercial, and political, every facet is being touched subtly. The Biggest area to be affected is the marketing sector.

People debate on the relevancy of the 4Ps of marketing. The thread of the discussion is its pertinence to the digital communication. This is bothersome since the question and debate seem irrelevant and one which needs not to be even questioned.

There is no doubt to the revolution brought, which has affected the way people hold up with each other and communicate. The constant ads blasted at people are unnerving. They do want to be informed and entertained but not pestered. Nevertheless, the basic principles of marketing remain as it is. For you let's just dust off the forgotten Ps to show you their significance. They wrap up all the elements that blow life in a brand in the market place, immaculately.

The 4Ps of Marketing in the Digital ERA

The appetizing and mystifying world of baking teaches us that there is never one perfect recipe for success. The same rule is applicable in the world of marketing. The 4Ps of Marketing, the Marketing Mix as it is known as has been around for over 60 years now. The conundrum to deal with is whether a magic market mix this old still valid? A concoction brewed even a decade before men stepped on the moon would still hold true? In this time of super-connectivity, where there are online consumerism and multiple device demands, the 4Ps provide a strong enough foundation.

In your marketing class, you were taught a prime framework to market your product efficaciously. Here is where you would have first heard about the four Ps. Now let’s delve into each P to understand its mechanization. Each of the Ps should be used in collaboration to create a more compelling and efficient marketing mix. This marketing mix would then result in proliferating sales and profit growth.


Times, where a consumer waited till the day he needed to rejuvenate his accessories or required a new service to head to the local business, have passed. Now people simply go to the internet to search for new items and services. People now look for better things globally instead of relying only on local businesses.

This has resulted in increasing the duration between the realization that a new product is needed and actually buying it. The choice has widened, and information has spawned dramatically. The businesses now are required to not only get noticed but also provide with consistent invaluable information. These are the only methods of convincing the clients of your products worth.

Marketing Product in Digital Era

There is no denying the fact that the key to successful product or service is being aware of the market needs and trends. Therefore, whenever the agencies come up with a new product or service they take into account the market requirements. This shows how not just the buyers persona matters, but the journey he undertakes is of importance. Where the customer stands in his present life, which paths he would be taking and how to turn every individual into a prospective client.

The willingness of the online consumers to visit many websites to claw out the best deal means there is a massive stock of information at their disposal. Also, they leave behind their footprints in the shape of cookies, downloads, and click-throughs. Organizations use all of this information to devise a detailed buyer persona and can set an ideal target market. What they need, how they would achieve it, the incentives they would be responding to, and how all of it will influence the product plan.

Added to all of it, the smooth shift of loyalties by customers today highlight the importance of a positive user experience. Not to forget the access to reviews that have both positive and adverse effects. The client's experience needs to be positive under any circumstance, from the first view of your website all the way to after-sales service.

For this smart technology and systems as well as digital marketing strategies ensuring optimization and user-friendly features are requisite. With this there is also need to customize, this is a big challenge when you are targeting a large market with varying choices. Even though the choices differ, the needs have to be met with skillfully fashioned content at every step of the process.

At this stage, though it would sound counterintuitive, the business has to concentrate not merely on the product or service but also the consequences of buying it. Both the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Make use of features that highlight the salient features of your products.
  • Harness the strength of online reviews to gain audience trust.
  • Showcase your product with the help of digital media which people find engaging.


The quantity of data provided to us today about the target markets means that the companies can evaluate its standings. The products and services direction, the future of the market, the mode of communication, how each could be utilized in the online activity and social media engagement, and the device deployed.

An online presence that the customers find satisfying and pleasing that offers solutions and answers to queries require the organization's digital elements to be functioning. Sad news for some, fooling around with Google is not a wise idea anymore. The algorithms now look for relevance and authority instead of just stuffed keywords. Gaining visibility online involves providing grasping information.

Marketing Placement in Digital Era

Having knowledge of the right type of message to be shared across platforms is vital to digital marketing. The way the audience views it accounts for the created content that has to look good and persuasive across multiple devices. With the smartphones being the first access point to the internet, mobile optimization is of utmost importance.

As opposed to the incarnations of the marketing model in the past, digital marketing requires to be non-intrusive, to be inbound, so that it's the customers that come to you not vice versa. Your product or service’s place value online is significant as is the optimization of your content, if it is to top the search engine results. No matter how good or useful your product or service is, it is useless if people don’t know about it.

The constant influx of useful content that highlights the experience and knowledge of your business helps in the establishment of your very own loyal customers. Otherwise, you will fall into the trap of Google algorithm.


  • Flaunt your business goals on your online places. Identify your style and make it known.
  • Placement is crucial to an online advertisement.
  • The digital audience accesses your brand via different gadgets. You must be optimized for all of them.


For advertising, personalization comes to play. Tailoring content in line with the comprehensive online marketing strategy that comprises of web pages, blogs, social media and email to encourage the engagement with the right people at the appropriate time. By now everyone would be familiar with the impact of social media on the digital marketing strategy. Its role is not only to shoot out content across the various platforms but also engaging with the market to make relationships and position of the product as a ruler within the industry. In a nut shell, it helps you tell about yourself and attract more customers.

It would be stimulating to see a single piece of content encourage a visitor so much so that he dives straight into purchasing. Although, this rarely happens. Your content should be reliable and robust enough to send the consumer straight down the conversion path from a curious visitor to a devoted customer and even an advocate. Devising an email marketing campaign that builds the offer value comes in handy.


  • Analysation helps in the promotion. Calculate the cadences of engagement, conversion rates, and return on the investments.
  • Your audience too is a great promoter.


Marketing Price in Digital Era

The one factor of prime importance in the marketing mix. The secret to success for the digital marketers is not in the conveying of cost in black and white figures but the intrinsic value in what it has to offer. The achievable potential ROI, when we talk about B2B marketing, needs to be felicitously equated.

Value is also essential in making your brand stand out among all the competitors for B2C. The digital marketers are required to emphasize and follow through on presenting the value of choosing one brand over another. They have to build strong relations that appease the clients even after the sale to buy in their loyalty and sincerity. The loyal clients are great for promoting and advocating, by spreading words by way of mouth or online recommendations and citations.

Price also fires the competition between you and your rival. It is what decides for the customers to where to purchase from. Customers look for the price as well as the delivery time and convenience. The price tagged to an item covers the terms of offered services and strategies, but the customer also acknowledges the time duration for a new system to be up and running and generating revenue. They also calculate the time it would take for training their own staff according to the strategies you have devised.

The triumphant agencies have answers to all the questions and will incorporate the needed resources into the pricing plan.


  • Make use of vouchers, deals, discounts, and offers.
  • Price your things according to the brand image.


No matter which marketing mix you conjure up or even if you expand the existing ones, the original ones still hold true and would continue to rule. The industry has changed, evolved and modernized, as has the consumer activity and the technology. But the ways to shape your 4 Ps will always be the key to success.

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