5 Useful Tips to Make You Successful in Guest Blogging

5 Useful Tips to Make You Successful in Guest Blogging

Most people think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a feature of the technological world. From using correct keywords to using specific tools to automatically publish on social media, being good in technology plays a huge role in getting traffic.

Most writers commit mistakes by forgetting that readers read their favorite blogs in line with their particular interests. Taking the commentary and content beyond the blog can help create authority and can also drive much traffic. That’s why guest blog posts is an effective strategy in SEO.

Google rewards a comprehensive, and a high-quality guest post which links back to the site which is also great for SEO as an excellent post on the site. Here are five effective tips on how to generate a great guest blog post.

1. Writing for the target audience

Blog target audience

Keep in mind that the reader reading the blog on a particular site is not the same one who will read the guest post. Assuming is not only being ignorant but also arrogant.

Check the site that you're writing for and look for the top post and read the guidelines. Let’s say the site is about personal injuries, so that means you will have to write about an accident. Make sure that your content doesn’t go beyond the subject of the site.

Deliver a constant experience to the reader who views your post. If the content is unhelpful or unfamiliar, expect not to get invited back.

2. Use examples to relate

Blog reader relationship

Once you already have an idea what your reader is interested in, use examples to educate. You don’t need to be a smart attorney to give out credible examples. Sometimes, a well-done research is the only thing needed for a suitable case.

For example, you want to write for Positionly, do a quick review of the site’s homepage to show articles that will fit in any of the eight categories such as Updates, Content, SEO, Social, Infographics, Inbound, SEM, and Copywriting.

Let’s say you already have the experience to share in social media marketing. You need to write content that can give the best apply to Positively readers and then submit to the correct category with the use of keywords that reflect your idea of the subject.

3. Link internally

Once you’ve shown expertise, as a guest writer, it is your task to also demonstrate the skills of the owner of the site and other guest contributors.

Adding links will not only boost your host’s SEO, but you will also add a reflecting authority to your site, which gets the backlink.

4. Promote your partner’s site and your work

Speaking of social media marketing, common sense and manners impose that you should share what you write as a guest blogger. After all, the owner of the site gave you space and will also expect that you will give the ears and eyes of your network in return.

Always keep in mind that some bloggers fail to extend this politeness, and choosing for spam over service to a target audience is at least one of the reason why Google declared guest blogging to be dead last two years ago.

5. Encourage more discussion, and be the first to comment

Lastly, do not let the publication of your post be the ending of your task. You can start a conversation about the topic and help the site owner attract readers. Then respond to every single feedback and questions.

You will gain a well-deserved appreciation from your site partner. At best, you may start a discussion about a critical subject and may win vast amounts of traffic to your site partner, and an invitation to write again, even for a few related sites as well.

Aside from these benefits, you can also distribute your contents on different platforms to give some further talk. This kind of guest post can give your SEO a significant improvement without you having to change a single line of HTML code.


Guest Blogging is perhaps one of the best strategies to advertise your blog online. However, most writers usually fail to get the idea of Guest Blogging. They care less to give more efforts to their guest post. Moreover, Guest Blogging on high traffic can boost targeted traffic to your blog.

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Paul Cowell
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