Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

Despite all the advances in social media and mobile phone apps in the past decade, text messaging remains one of the most powerful ways to communicate with customers at an individual level.

Industry experts estimate that people open and read 98 percent of all text messages they receive. That is a stark comparison to the open rate of e-mail, which is roughly 20 percent. Add to this the fact that only 6 percent of emails ever elicit a response from a potential customer.Meanwhile, 45 percent of text messages get responses. An SMS marketing campaign has a ton of potential as a channel for generating leads.

To help beginners navigate the many pitfalls and gaffs of far too many SMS campaigns, take a look at this infographic presented by Mobile-Text-Alerts with tips on making your text message marketing campaign a stand-out winner: Analyzing your audience, building your list, setting clear goals, making attractive messages, selecting the right keywords and more!

Successfull Marketing Campaign

Posted by Rick Kolek

Rick Kolek

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