Tech Support: Why Is It Required To Improve User Experience

Tech Support: Why Is It Required To Improve User Experience

Tech Support is also known as Technical Support Services.According to a common description, it is generally used to supply technology-related assistance to the users of pc, laptops, smartphones, televisions, or various software, electronic and mechanical products.

The chief purpose behind the origination of tech support's concept is to find suitable and stable solutions to the troubles that customers face. The mode of support typically depends upon the nature of your work. The support feature is accessible in all online, offline, and onsite modes. Your technical support service provider is accountable for the problems and their solutions with full customer satisfaction.

Levels of Technical Support

  • First, Pre-Support

In the pre-internet era, whenever users faced any technical issues, they directly consulted it with their family members and friends. Or refer to the manual guide provided by the product company at the time of purchase. Now, in today's time, every answer is just a click away. Users can "Google" anything at any point in time and get solutions to their problems. Therefore, it is very much possible that your customer will browse the web before contacting you. Ultimately, it becomes essential to keep updating online forums and website comments directing it towards your tech support system. Be active enough to seek out these channels and control the ongoing conversations in your company's favor.

  • Second, Self-Service

This level usually aids users in solving their issues among themselves. In this, you can take the help of self-help wikis, knowledge bases, and FAQs. This is an easy and effective method to quickly resolve your issues. You would not need to contact a help desk and wait for a response from the server, which usually consumes more time. One more great quality of self-service level is that the solutions are very user-friendly and not complex to understand.

  • Third, First Line of Support (Human Contact)

However, it is a genuine fact that all your questions cannot be answered only by FAQs and knowledge bases. There are various instances where you cannot escape taking the help of a human assistant. These assistants are popularly known as the first line of support. They are qualified and trained up to the level where they acquire the ability to solve nearly 70-80% of the problems of users. Moreover, when a problem is encountered above the first line of support, then the issue is escalated to be tackled by a higher level.

  • Fourth, Second Line of Support (Complex Issues)

The kind of queries that are very complicated and hence could not be handled by the first line of support is put forward before the second line. This level requires staff possessing in-depth qualifications of technical issues and skills of interacting with users on the phone.

  • Fifth, Third Line of Support (Customer Support)

The third Line of Support is the last level of technical support. It is regulated and managed by a designated superuser who is primarily assigned for this job. When an issue reaches this level, it usually becomes very complex and needs custom work to solve it effectively.


Technical Support is a crucial element to improve the user experience for product-based businesses. In the era of Google, your tech support must be smart enough to handle your customers' tacky questions.

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