Ruby Development in Windows

Ruby Development in Windows

This tutorial will show you how to create amazing Ruby & Rails development environment in Windows, so you can execute your code in Ubuntu, run your server, and edit files or access your web apps inside Windows.

Below are listed links to use with the tutorial.

Link To Download VirtualBox:​


Link To Download Ubuntu Image:​


Link 'How to Install Ubuntu':​ 

* Please start from step number 9

Link 'How to Install Ruby & Rails in Ubuntu':

* Please use "/bin/bash --login" in your terminal before start the process of installing Ruby & Rails."

Share your Windows folder with Ubuntu folder:
 " sudo mount -t vboxsf 'Windows Folder Name' 'Ubuntu folder path' "

Posted by Dobriyan Petkov

Dobriyan Petkov
Dobriyan Petkov has done couple of websites on WordPress and Joomla, he is passionate to learn programming with Ruby and create Web apps in Rails. A dreamer who loves football and computers.

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