The 9 best e-learning apps for businesses in 2019

The 9 best e-learning apps for businesses in 2019

The world has adapted to the era of digitalization. Everything either is over the internet in the form of a website or the type of an application, and it is proving to be useful for people.

The reason why the electronic media is blooming over the internet these days is that is it easily accessible, comes free, and does not require much of any efforts. This isn’t limited to just one aspect of digitalization, but it covers almost everything right from learning, shopping, business, and what not.
As for the work, the number is concerned; by the end of 2019, more than 70% of the professionals are going to conduct work on their personal smart devices. This value can be predicted with the enormous sales of mobile phones worldwide and the businesses and professionals getting accustomed to its usage. The e-learning tools are rapidly gaining importance, thanks to the available resources and the BYOD policy (bring your own device). However, the first question is how you can put the corporate? And mobile devices of the employees to work while in the training program?

Prominent E-learning Apps

With the plethora of e-learning applications available, you can quickly learn business through them and develop your ideas and skills.


One of the significant applications for e-learning, the mobile app of WordPress makes it easy for an employee to add more capabilities. The mobile version is as simple to navigate as the website one and includes all the functionality right from writing, editing, posting, commenting, stats till reporting. The mobile application only adds comfort for the user with their better user experience. This application is free for download and is also available on Android. Increase your employee skills with the mobile application of WordPress.

Skill Pill:

This application is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry phones and is great for beginners. It provides you with bite-sized training videos called as pills in the application on a wide range of topics. All you have to do is download the application and study everything that you want to, ranging from, customer service, to management, to sales and marketing. This aids in increasing your knowledge base.

Moodle mobile:

This application is available on both iOS and Android and Moodle is one of the most popular LMSs out there. You can easily upload files; download course resources for offline viewing, sending messages, and track course participants. The app is free of cost and makes you indulge in the top level of management courses.

Blackboard Collaborate mobile:

The application is an excellent addition for students who like going through the blackboard sessions. It is a great corporate learning app it also gives you the chance of joining for web conferencing sessions, chats, whiteboard content and presentations, and going for tests with multiple-choice questions. The application is available for iOS and, but it requires a hosted enterprise license for being used.

Educations Interactive Whiteboard:

This app is available for iOS devices and a simple course content creation tool. The app allows you to record lessons, videos, and annotated images, which you can then share with your listeners via any social media network or through email. The app is a whiteboard only, but the only difference is that you need to share it with your students later and no real time studies sessions are going on. The app is free, but it doesn’t have any in-app purchases.


One of the great business apps for corporate learners, it consists of a catalog of 564 courses that includes everything from content marketing, management training, to advanced Google Adwords tutorials and accounting fundamentals. The app works great for both iOS and, and you can easily share course for offline viewing, access courses, save courses, and create a course playlist. You can even stream course videos to a TV using Apple Play and Chromcast. The app is free to download, but you have to pay every month to access its resources.

E.Learning Age:

The modern learning application, this is the mobile version of the UK based E.Learning Age magazine. It works for both iOS and Android and includes news, case studies, research papers. You can even read the latest editions news, covers, and bookmark pages for later reading as well. This app is typically like reading a book but through a mobile version of it.

The Apple Keynote:

When it comes to services, Apple is one brand that doesn’t like staying far behind. Apple has its own presentation app, which is ideal for building course content on-the-go. You can create presentations through KeyNote on iOS devices, just like you do in Microsoft PowerPoint. Saving the presentation is also easy with the help of iCloud or Dropbox wherein you can export the files in multiple formats. KeyNote helps in the building of course content quickly, anywhere, and anytime.


Also, one of the Apple applications, iTunes works excellent for iOS devices and is mainly used by instructional designers. It will help you to have access to the massive library of free and paid instructional content, including many business and skill courses that you can learn through it. This tool is excellent for vocational and professional learning, and you can go for some skill development courses through this app.
These e-learning apps are one of the best ways to indulge in a skillful session without registering for any classes. Most of the apps are available free of cost, and all you need to do is download the application from iOS and Android phones. Skillful learning just got easier with these applications. Proper training and education are crucial for any business to grow successfully. Although the business strategy is the key to success, in order to achieve it, you will have to develop the essential skills required. E-learning applications are slowly gaining their importance in the business hierarchy of any organization.


Many businesses are looking for reliable sources to improve the goals and the business base, and e-learning applications are an excellent solution for it.

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