Reasons Why Shopify Is The Best Ecommerce Website Builder

Reasons Why Shopify Is The Best Ecommerce Website Builder

Do you want to create a stunning e-commerce website for your business?

There are around 100 online store builders and all of them claim to be the best. However, not all those stand for what they claim. But Shopify is somewhat different. Many people are transferring their businesses to Shopify and it is getting more popular as time passes.
There might be a reason for such tremendous growth that whenever someone asks which the best website builder is, Shopify becomes the first name to come from their mouth.
Therefore, let us have a look at the reasons of the website builder Shopify to be the most prominent and ahead of the crowd.

Distant features of Shopify

The well-known website builder Shopify has numerous amazing features that make it known among all the experts. Let us look at those features in-depth:

It provides more than 70 professional themes

With no doubt, Shopify has the most number of themes than any other platform which are not only attractive but are also very well-made and professional as well. Your website on Shopify will look charming with such a wide range of themes.

It has 100 payment gateways

You will never miss a single order because Shopify provides 100 of payment systems for the ease of transaction. Whether your buyer uses Bitcoin or PayPal, everything is acceptable with Shopify. It features payment gateway from all over the world, unlike BigCommerce that has only 40 payment gateways.

It does the automatic calculation of taxes

With website builder Shopify, you need not require involving the taxes on your products based on manual calculations. Shopify does it all for you. It calculates the taxes on the basis of your Geolocation and automatically applies it to the rates of your products. Moreover, the taxes are levied as per the tax rates of the country or state that means there is no chance of mistakes or biased rates.

It provides customer account feature

Yes, you heard it right, Shopify stores allows its customers to create accounts on the stores. The stores encourages users to create an account while on the checkout page so that the customers can become capable of saving their address details for later use. However, it is not a mandatory thing to create an account and a customer has full liberty of continuing as a guest as well.

It provides ease of managing the store

Shopify enables its users to edit and manage their store from anywhere in the world. Even if you don’t have access to a PC, you can use your smartphone for managing and running your store since Shopify provides a standalone app for the same. You can do anything like managing your inventory, contacting a customer, or fulfilling an order, all with the help of an android application.

It makes the store pre SEO optimized

The website builder Shopify provides all the SEO best practices such as customizable h1 and meta tags that help your customers to find your business on the search engine results page. Moreover, the themes that Shopify provides are already optimized for SEO.

It provides a flexible Inventory management

Shopify provides you to manage your entire inventory with ease. You can track your stock, and automatically prevent taking orders of the products that have run out of stock.

It enables you to do numerous variations to your products

With Shopify, you can create a large number of variations in the specifications of your products. You can mention everything from different colors, materials, sizes, and a lot of other specifications as well. Moreover, you can set a different price for all the different variations of products as well.

It has an unlimited bandwidth

Whether you get one hit or millions, your store will never go out of service and can bear nearly any amount of traffic. Shopify provides unlimited bandwidth for your shop and you will never have to pay even a single penny for it.

Bottom Line

With these features, there is no doubt in the fact that website builder Shopify is the best for e-commerce stores and nothing can compare its capabilities. The next more awesome webshop builder is LiquidBlox so make sure you check it out as well.

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