Interesting technology solutions for businesses in 2020

Interesting technology solutions for businesses in 2020

Technology doesn’t just enrich and assist in the everyday lives of normal consumers, but it also helps businesses, both large and small, to increase efficiency and productivity, getting jobs done quicker for everyone involved.

After some inspiration for your own business? Here are some interesting ways in which technology is being used in different sectors.

Drone Technology

There are a huge variety of drones on the market in 2020, from cheap toys aimed at children, to thousand pound drones that are programmed to follow the user round equipped with auto-balancing tech and high-definition cameras. They’re used for everything from drone racing, to photography, to even construction assistance on building sites, which also helps contractors eventually understand how to grow a construction business.. Could a drone assist or enrich your business in some way?
Many freelance photographers running their own businesses are able to gain a lot of success by utilising drone tech. With high-end drones equipped with HD cameras and gimbal-mount technology (stabilising mounts for cameras that make footage look extremely smooth), drones can capture shots that not only are difficult to get for the average person, but were previously sometimes impossible altogether. Drone shots are even used for film and television programmes at this point, in addition to the traditional camera techniques.

Virtual Reality

VR is being used in a ton of inventive and perhaps unexpected ways. Completely immersing the user in a 3D environment unlike any other, it can be a great way for businesses to showcase a specific product that perhaps is still being built and isn’t yet finished. A good example of this is RWinvest, a property investment company who offer potential investors the chance to view what their prospective investment might look like when completed.
Virtual Reality is also quite prevalent in training exercises, for businesses and companies that either are training staff for a future job that doesn’t yet exist, or for jobs that can’t be attempt in practise due to risks involved. Examples of this include anything and everything from doctors being trained on how to carry out surgery, to even NASA astronauts in training, who use a proprietary version of VR in order to learn to handle the conditions up in outer-space!


It’s impossible to exist as a business nowadays without a digital footprint. Iif you’re a retailer that’s not selling your products online then you’re missing out on a huge (and growing!) portion of the market. In terms of high-street interaction, many independent shops, café’s and restaurants are also increasingly integrating technology in order to make the experience smoother for both parties (the employee and the customer).
Tip – Running a store with card readers equipped, or operating an online storefront? It’s great having technology involved in the running of your business in any form, but not if it’s counterintuitive. Sometimes sites can be unresponsive, driving away customers, and if card readers stall and take a while to connect, it isn’t fun for anyone. To combat this from happening, take no half measures when investing in this tech, and make sure you run maintenance on it frequently to keep it running like a well-oiled machine – even if it’s the exact opposite.

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