Online Marketing Methods That Won't Break the Bank

Online Marketing Methods That Won't Break the Bank

Advertising your business is essential if you want to keep attracting customers. Some small businesses might rely on word of mouth when they first launch, but eventually you need something more.

Traditional advertising methods such as distributing flyers are still popular. But it's the internet that provides ease and the best prices. If you want to save money on your marketing, starting online is the best way to do it. There are plenty of cost-effective methods of advertising that either cost little or nothing at all. If you're not sure where to start, here are some of the top forms of online advertising that won't break the bank.

Social Networking

For some people, it can be hard to grasp using social media for their business. It can be frustrating that everyone talks about how important it is when you can't see that it's doing much use. But if you can do it properly, it does have the potential to help you significantly. You might have to put some time into it, but you won't have to pay anything unless you choose to use their ad networks. One of the most important things is to choose the right platform for your business. Don't sign up to all of them just because they're available. You need a strategy too, and not just to post randomly whenever you remember.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising, such as Google's AdWords network, is a form of advertising where you pay a fee each time someone clicks your ad. It can be an extremely cost-effective way of marketing your business, and it isn't difficult to pick up. However, if you feel like you need an expert hand, you can always hire a PPC management firm. You can monitor how well each ad performs, and you won't pay for only showing an advert. The only time it costs you is when you get a click, which could lead to a conversion.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another form of advertising that won't cost you much if anything at all. It's an excellent way of staying in touch with existing customers and can be a good way to reach new people too. Have a newsletter sign-up button on your website, and send out regular emails with news, offers and other things to keep people interested. You can make a large email list easier to handle by using an email marketing tool such as MailChimp.


Search engine optimization is like marketing to the search engines. The tactics you use are for the search engines to see, but it's potential customers who will find you as a result. Getting your SEO right is a crucial part of having a successful website, as well as succeeding in other areas of online marketing. You can learn the basics yourself, and perhaps even the more complicated elements too. But if you don't have the time, there are lots of services you can hire.

Advertising doesn't have to be the most expensive thing in your budget. If you have a small business, free and cheap marketing methods could be enough for you.

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