Using Social Media to Strengthen Your Brand: The Rules

Using Social Media to Strengthen Your Brand: The Rules

I shouldn’t have to convey the power of social media to you. Social media is an extremely powerful tool. In fact, it’s probably the most powerful tool you can use for strengthening your brand out there today.

Here are the rules for using it so you can take your brand from strength to strength:

Never Ignore a Complaint

If a customer makes a complaint about you or says something negative, you must respond. Ignoring these comments makes it look like you don’t care, and you don’t want that no matter how rude the comment poster is being. This will usually only make the poster angrier, and may even encourage them to post something else. This can change other’s opinion of you. Respond to a negative comment or complaint in a professional manner, and try your best to sort out the problem.

Engage With People Who are Talking About You

Social media makes it easier to engage with people who are talking about you or your business. Always try to engage with people who are talking about you. This is a great way to build relationships! Social media should always be used to build relationships with potential customers, rather than preaching to them.

Share Relevant, Useful Information

You should always share, relevant, useful information on your social media profiles. It doesn’t just have to be blog posts or tips you’ve written either; you can share a post you’ve found elsewhere if you think your followers will like it. Just make sure you credit the author. It’s never cool to pass off other’s work as your own.

Don’t Advertise Too Much

Social media is not an advertising platform and should not be used as one. That being said, you can pay for ads to be shown, but that’s as far as it should go. Trying to promote your business every 5 minutes on your social profiles will only lose followers. People don’t log on to social media to see advertisements. They log on to see useful information, and to speak with others. This is why it’s so important you make sure you share relevant information and engage. Learn more about this on sites such as

Always Use a Consistent Brand Voice

If you want to solidify your brand properly, you need to use a consistent brand voice to communicate with others. This should be the same kind of voice and personality you use in your marketing and advertising campaigns. Focus on the words you use when engaging with your customers and potential customers. Being humorous always gets attention on social media, but you should be professional too.

Post Regularly

Finally, you must post regularly if you’re going to use social media. Even if you’re not getting much interaction yet, keep plugging away at it. It’ll be worth it in the end! It’s especially important to check your profiles regularly, as you could leave negative comments ignored for days. This doesn’t look good!

Follow these rules and your brand will go from strength to strength! 

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