New Trends in Web Development 2018

New Trends in Web Development 2018

New Trends in Web Development 2018

The web development scenario keeps evolving from time to time. To make websites and web services immensely accessible to the end users and delivering an unparalleled web experiences, the web developers across the world keep coming up with new, innovative ideas for effective web development.

If you run an online business and wish to make it reach the top as soon as possible, it is high time that you should follow the latest web development trends. For ensuring that you have the best, attractive website and great web services out there, you need to follow the innovative web development ideas and take cues from the latest trends in the web development scenario out there.

Here are some of the top, the latest trends in the field of web development that you must know about:

  • Introduction of AMP: Since the time of 2015, responsive web designing & development has been the talk of the web development industry. After Google started giving importance to mobile-friendly websites, the web developers around the world started adopting the trend of introducing highly responsive websites that enhance the overall web experience.
    In the light of the same, the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) has become the norm of the overall web development industry. AMP is implemented towards enhancing the overall performance of the available web content as well as ads while improving the speed & the user experiences. AMP is known to work seamlessly, and most websites across the world have started adopting this trend.

  • Blockchain Web Development: In the current era, the revolutionary Blockchain technology is finding its way into every realm or application out there. With a wide range of industries out there accepting the benefits of the highly innovative Blockchain technology, even web development is not left out. Given the fact that the Blockchain technology makes way for the creation of a highly decentralized, transparent, and secure platform, it is high on demand when it comes to effective web development. Cryptocurrency Exchange Script should offer not only convenience committing the transactions but also be as secure as possible.
    The Blockchain technology is referred to as the technique of collecting data securely in a decentralized manner towards ensuring its security and offering the assurance of the safety of data from unauthorized access to the users. The Blockchain technology offers a high level of protection when used in the transfers of data and financial transactions. As such, the web developers around the world are looking forward to learning more about high-end Blockchain technology when it comes to web designing & development.

  • Advent of PWA (Progressive Web Apps): As far as ensuring the best results out of the native apps and mobile sites by making use of the latest technological advancements is concerned, PWA (Progressive Web Apps) serves to be a great, innovative concept. PWA is based on the latest Internet evolution as well as adaptation of the HTML 5 technology in web development.
    Using this innovative web development trend, the web developers out there are able to provide the same functionality and amazing user experience to the native mobile apps. Some of the major e-Commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, and others have introduced the concept of PWA and witnessed a significant increase in the overall conversions. It will broaden the website ideas in 2019 and opens additional functions booth for webmasters and site-visitors.

  • Push Notifications Continue Rocking the Industry: Just like most of the mobile apps, the websites that feature the push notification specification are able to reach a vast audience and harness the benefits of internet marketing easily. Push notifications serve to be one of the most powerful solutions for engaging customers and visitors at the same time. With the help of the push notifications, the websites or online businesses out there can inform the end customers about special offers, discounts, customer-centric activities by the company, and much more.

  • SPA (Single Page Application): The SPA framework that is based on the JavaScript programming language for designing & developing web pages continues gaining immense popularity in the latest web development trends. It is not surprising as SPA continues working perfectly across major user devices reflecting high performance as well as decreasing the overall web development time, it is increasingly sought-after by most of the web developers out there.
    The overall popularity of SPA in web development is quite common with the web developers from around the world. However, it might be too early to talk about its overall scope in the coming times. Typically, the overall web development with the help of the SPA is based on Angular & React frameworks. Another major benefit of making use of SPA for effective web development is that the web developers and online businesses are able to design & develop highly cost-effective apps.

  • The Era of Functional Programming: Functional programming has been in the web development scenario for quite some time now. However, its overall impact is going to be more influential in the coming times. FP (Functional Programming) is referred to as the technique of developing high-end software solutions that are based on fundamental web designing principles. Some of the basic principles of functional programming with respect to web development include developing software solutions by making use of pure functions.
    As per the knowledge of the web developers, it is observed that functional codes are highly predictable. Moreover, some functional codes are also known to be a lot easier than the conventional object-oriented codes. The functional codes are simpler to test which encourage the web developers to enhance the overall efficiency of the given web development project seamlessly.

  • AI & Machine Learning will Gain Impetus: With the implementation of the high-end AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning technologies in every industry vertical out there, even the web development scenario is not left behind. Globally, famous names of the web giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and so more are investing significantly towards adopting the benefits of the revolutionary technologies. Both AI & Machine Learning technologies are aimed at enhancing the overall end-user experiences.

Make the most of the latest web designing & development trends in 2018 to enhance the overall user experience and success for your online business.

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Diana Yaremenko

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