6 Reasons Why A Simple Website Works Best

6 Reasons Why A Simple Website Works Best

6 Reasons Why A Simple Website Works Best

There are many websites available on the net that are extremely complicated. It’s true that they might look good initially, but once you delve beneath the flashy (sometimes literally) exterior, you’ll find that the sites aren’t very user-friendly, and perhaps even push potential customers away because they are far too complicated.

Having a simple, clean, easy to use and easy to read website is a much better way to conduct your business. It is these websites that will gain you the most business, not the ones that seem great but really have no substance to them. We’ve put together some of the most compelling reasons to have a simple website – you’ll soon see just what a good idea it really is.

1. Timeless Design

When you have a website that is too complicated and tries to follow all the trends (whatever they may be) online, then it will quickly become outdated. This means that you will need to spend more time redesigning your website, changing it each time something is no longer ‘de rigeur.’ If you have a website that is nice and simple, it will never become outdated; it will remain timeless, and you will only need to update it if you need to add more information, or you want to rebrand, for example. This will save you time and money, and it will keep your customers happy too since an ever-changing website could make your business look as though it just doesn’t know what it is doing.

2. Easier To Read

A complicated, busy design is not going to help your potential customers find out more about what you do and the products you sell. It’s actually going to make it much more difficult for them to get the information they need to make a decision about whether to buy or not. Most people will scan a website when they first click onto it. This is so that they can quickly determine whether or not it is what they were looking for; if it is, they will read more closely and click onto other pages and so on.

However, if they are unable to quickly and easily scan the first page because it is just too complicated and full of irrelevant information, or requires them to click through to other pages right from the start, they are likely to find an entirely different website rather than take the time to look more closely at yours.

3. More Accessible

The internet is the perfect way for people with disabilities that mean they can’t necessarily go to a store or speak to someone in person to be able to but anything they want, or a to be able to interact with people in the way that they choose. A complicated website is not going to be their first choice; it would be much better to have a simple website that offers inclusive accessibility, meaning that everyone can find out about and buy from your business. A clean website offers a much more positive experience for everyone.

4. Simple Website, Simple Business

The everyday person is not interested in all the technical details of your business – they just want to be able to purchase what they need, or get the information they have asked for with as little fuss and in as short a time as possible. If your website is a simple, clear one then it shows that you have the end user in mind; you know what it is that they want, and this will make them much more interested in using you.

More than that, though, a simple website design might only be the start – you might choose to run the rest of your business in a simple, streamlined, effective way so that everything is transparent to all, and so that your employees can get on with their job rather than have to deal with difficult systems. Using an FTP alternative, for example, meaning that you can upload documents easily and use them at any time, as well as ensuring that there are written systems for everything; people will want to work there, and that will improve its reputation, boosting sales too.

5. It Won’t Feel Like A Sales Tool

One of the main reasons for having a website is that it is a sales tool – this is how you persuade people to buy from you, and how you can grow your business in a relatively inexpensive way. However, a complicated website can appear to be too much of a sales tool, and that is not what customers want. They want to make their own choice about buying from you (or not), and they don’t enjoy being made to feel forced into it through a pushy website design. A simple design that gives them the basic information and allows them to make their own mind up about what to do next will, ironically, cause more people to buy from you than a design that pushed products and ideas too much.

6. It Loads Faster

Something that can easily be forgotten about when looking at the benefits of a simple website design because it isn’t immediately obvious is how quickly the page loads. A more complicated design with lots of images, links, and videos, as well as animated areas will always take a lot longer to load than something simpler will do. This can make all the difference, even if it is only a few seconds, as to whether someone wants to spend the time waiting for your site to load, or whether they will go elsewhere to buy what they need.

The more quickly your site loads, the less frustrated potential customers will be, and the more sales you will make. Not only that, but those happy customers are more likely to return to you, knowing exactly what to expect from your site and how easily they can use it. Your conversion rates will improve hugely, and so will your reputation as you will receive many more recommendations and testimonials.

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