Moderate gaming can be healthy!

Moderate gaming can be healthy!

It is so often said that gaming in unhealthy because we sit for hours on end, looking at a screen. And this cannot be refuted, our bodies definitely need some physical activity and our eyes could use a break every now and then. But that does not mean that gaming is not beneficial at all!

Gaming can drastically improve how we view ourselves by improving our self-esteem! Regular goals we set and achieve make us feel accomplished, which is very important for mental health. While this is important for everyone, young people who are trying to find themselves in this fast-moving world can especially benefit from a rise in self-esteem.

Moreover, gaming can also relieve help pain and memories of trauma. Although someone might say that any type of distraction which we enjoy can help us forget the feeling of pain, playing Tetris was scientifically proved to be a better way for reliving pain than reading or doing crossword puzzles!

On a more physical note, playing video games can also change your eye-hand coordination. This means it changes your brain for the better! This type of coordination is crucial for many real-life tasks, such as driving a car. It helps you react faster and avoid accidents and can save lives! So, the next time someone starts talking negatively about gaming, this can be your valid counter-argument.

If you want to get more information on how gaming can improve your heath, please take a look at the infographic below. It was given to us by our dear collegues at Computer Planet.

Health benefits of gaming

Posted by Marcus Clarke

Marcus Clarke

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