Marketing Techniques That Offer Guaranteed Results

Marketing Techniques That Offer Guaranteed Results

There are hundreds of different marketing techniques that offer varying results. Depending what sort of business you have, you’ll find certain techniques useless while others work wonders.

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Let’s take a look:

Write a Blog

Writing a blog that is relevant to your business and industry is a very effective technique. This is because you become a valuable resource to people who are interested in your industry. Supplying people with free information that allows them to do something easier or cheaper will mean they come back to you again and again. When they come to you for help, you get an opportunity to sell something. Even if you don’t sell anything, they are sure to tell people they know all about you and your wealth of knowledge, giving you more exposure. You’ll get word of mouth recommendations and perhaps even shares on social media platforms if your content is good enough.

Media Buying

Media buying makes sure that your adverts appear places like the TV and radio, without paying extortionate prices. By getting your adverts on the TV and radio, you’re exposing yourself to a huge chunk of your target market. You may think that you can’t track how effective this kind of thing is, but with DRTV media buying you can. Direct response TV media buying tracks all of your adverts shown and measures your results.


SEO is a variety of different things, but even in its most simple form it’s a technique guaranteed to work. It’s always better if you use a professional who has proven results, even though you can teach yourself a few of the techniques used. Optimizing your site for search engines will make sure you are found when your product or service is wanted.


Pay per click advertising guarantees you show up for certain search terms depending on the money you’re prepared to stake per click you get. You’ll pay for each click somebody makes on your advert, but if you’re advert is extremely targeted then it’s worth spending a little more to get visitors on there. If nobody clicks on your ad, you don’t have a lot to lose.

Giving Away Free Stuff

Everybody loves free stuff. This is a technique that will make people remember you, and there’s no limit to the amount of things you can give away. If you operate solely online you could give away an e-book. If you operate in a physical store you could give away branded merchandise that people always use, such as mugs and pens. You could even invite people inside for a free hot cup of tea on a rainy day, with no strings attached. Hey, why not give them a branded umbrella when it’s time for them to leave?! Get creative and solve problems for people so they remember who you are.

These marketing techniques are some of the best out there, offering amazing results when you do them properly!

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