Kid's Cell Phones- What Parents can Do

Kid's Cell Phones- What Parents can Do

Nowadays, most children own mobile phones.

Some have internet connectivity, and this enables kids to search for helpful educational information. However, you shouldn't overlook the disadvantages of owning these gadgets. While using a mobile phone, your kid gets exposed to dangers like harassment, bullying, sex solicitation, and many more. As such, it's your role to learn how to enhance your child's online safety.
Below are ideas to try out:

Only buy the device when it's necessary

Not all kids should own a mobile phone, determine if your child needs one before making purchases. If your kid is still young, acquiring alternative toys is a great idea. This way, your child will be unlikely to experience many online risks.

Watch your child’s activities

Train your child on how to stay safe online and use parental control software to watch them. If you realize that they use the phone to view images that you don't approve, go to the internet, search for “sell my phone online” to protect them. Remember, you can replace that phone with a better toy and yet promise to get them a new one once they are of age. By doing this, you will protect your child from internet bullying. To do this, visit, trade the device for cash, which you can use to purchase safer playthings for your kid.

Limit screen time

There are many studies to show that many kids are addicted to the internet. Addiction to technology affects your kid's performance in school and, most importantly, exposes them to online child predators or bullies. Therefore, control your child's screen time; this is an excellent way on how to enhance your child's online safety.

Final thoughts

There are many internet safety tips for everyone and how to enhance your child's online safety. Search online and pick what suits you. If possible, familiarize yourself with the internet safety tips for highschool students. Moreover, assess if your child needs a phone, set time limits, and stringent rules on usage.

Most Dangerous Apps Infographic

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Martina Merashi

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