Key Elements You Must Consider For Your E-commerce Website

Key Elements You Must Consider For Your E-commerce Website

So, you have made your mind to sell online and have already decided on what do you want to sell. Even, you might have finalized the E-commerce platform you would be using.

And now, you might be looking for an expert who would understand your goals for an effective E-commerce website design. Wait! Before you get attracted towards something that looks nice, let's remind you that E-commerce designing has its own challenges. So, rather than putting your focus on something “nice”, you should hold a grasp on what's important.

To help you have a clear understanding of what's crucial, here we have mentioned the key elements you need to mull over for your e-commerce store. These features are the indication what makes an E-commerce website to perform well.

Load Time

The average time a visitor waits for the loading of a webpage is just 3-4 seconds. So, it doesn't matter how beautiful your store is and how much quality your are ensuring for your products if it is slow. More is the load time, higher will be the bounce rate and this will lead to a dramatic drop in the conversion rate. So, having a design that loads quickly should be your first priority. A few things which can be done for this are:

  • Compressing the large image files
  • Choosing a suitable hosting plan
  • Focusing on the content delivery networks


Graphics make a major impact on the appearance and structure of a website. So, whether it is the images, font, color or the size, all should be chosen and used carefully to ensure an infatuating look for the website.

Furthermore, the role of graphics for defining the website cannot be overlooked. It affects the navigation, interlinking, ease of accessing, search facilities, etc. which are highly crucial for perceived usefulness, satisfaction and enjoyable purchase experience for the customers.

Search facility on the website

According to the statistics, over 30% of the visitors use search on the E-commerce websites for locating the particular product. So, including an easy-to-use search functionality is what you should not forget while finalizing your E-commerce website design and its elements.

It would be an added advantage if you utilize the autocomplete feature to help the users find the desired items or the popular products.

Faceted search is another way to ease the product finding process for the customers. It lets them narrow down the search results using different filters, like gender, size, price range, color, brand and more.

Support for guest checkouts

Most of the E-commerce websites require the users to create an account before they can make a purchase. Though it promotes the follow-up communication and makes it easy to track customers' demographic information for analyzing the sales, it is important to keep in mind that there are the customers who don't want to go through the account creation process for making a purchase. So, you need to ensure your site supports guest checkouts as it will provide an opportunity to those who are interested in just one-time order.

But as you'll still want the users to create an account, you can finalize a purchase process that will allow the users to create an account using the information they have entered to complete the guest checkout.

Security and privacy policy

Your E-commerce store should feature SSL encryption to ensure complete security to the customers. It is essential not just for securing the information during online payments but also for protecting the general information of the customers, including address, email, phone number, etc.

Having SSL encryption is crucial for gaining the trust of your customers, which further will increase the sale.

The privacy policy also comes under the security section. Consumers care about how you collect and use their personal information. So, in order to build a trust among customers, you should be as transparent as possible while writing your privacy policies. In the case you share any personal information (no matter in what situations) with third-parties, you should mention it clearly in the privacy policies.

Though there are no guarantees in the E-commerce world, the above-given elements of E-commerce website design will definitely help you in standing out and staying ahead of your competitors. However, that's not the end; there are many other elements you need to consider, like SEO optimization of the website, data organization, store functionality and more.

Conclusion :

Always remember that success in the E-commerce world is all about the user experience and support; so, including all the essential design elements, which aim at ensuring the best experience for the users is what you can do for the success and growth of your business.

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Olivia Clark
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