4 Tips For Internet Education

4 Tips For Internet Education

It’s all too common for folk to consider their education complete after high school, college, or university.

It could almost be said that the opposite is true: once you’ve graduated from your adolescent, largely compulsory, education, and as you progress beyond your thirties, you’ll find that any education you undergo is driven by your own desire for knowledge and your own hunger for information that appeals to you. The World Wide Web is a revolutionary instrument for education that’ll lead you down into deep crevices of knowledge, so long as you know where to find them. This article sets up some road signs for curious minds to follow in search of post-education education.

Hyperlink Your Way into Wikipedia

Wikipedia is held as a bastion of free information, somehow expertly editing into millions of fabulously intellectually-nourishing pages devoted to everything from underground punk rock to the US Constitution. Here’s a little activity: get yourself onto Wikipedia, and search for the first thing that comes into your head that you’re curious about. You’ll find a page awash with extra links that’ll guide you handsomely through a treasure-trove of interesting information. It’s a great starting point for honing in on passions.

Utilize the Best Web Pages

Other than Wikipedia, there’s an ever-growing array of material on the web that is both instructive and easy to digest. There are sites for those suffering from debilitating illnesses and those seeking like-minded music fans. Dig deep and establish some reliable bookmarks to keep you abreast of the best information on the highway.

Consider Journal Subscriptions

Getting a little more serious, for those with specific interests, you may want to begin researching journals that most apply to your area of interest. Journals are positioned at the cutting edge of whatever particular discipline you would like to read up on, be that educational psychology or classical history. Sign-up fees are modest, and you’ll enter a mailing list that connects you with the leading lights of the academic scene.

Enroll in Free Courses

Especially pertinent if you decided against going to university or college, you’re now able to smirkingly save all that money that’s usually given over to tuition fees by enrolling onto ‘massive open online courses’ - or MOOCs, for short. There is a variety of websites such as excel semi pro where you can discover the best ways to format and create Excel spreadsheets. Again, check out a list of all that's out there from some of the world’s finest research and education institutions, and you’re sure to get fired up about your new dally into learning. Who knows, you might even end up teaching them!


Education truly never ends, but if you’re feeling like adding some matter to your brain, then the internet is the cheapest and most reliable platform upon which to build the foundations of your new temple of wisdom. Head to any of the pages listed here in order to kickstart your journey into the educational heartlands of the excellent resource that is the internet.

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