Is PHP Still Relevant in 2020?

Is PHP Still Relevant in 2020?

There are so many prejudices about PHP language that we can't even imagine if someone would like to learn and use it in 2020. Actually, it's not the best one for developers and programmers. Nevertheless, here are some quite convincing reasons to learn the ropes of PHP. We need to cover a lot of ground to return the language to its former glory; so, let’s start right now.

Why Do Programmers Dislike the PHP?

Even though the developers and programmers use PHP often, they don’t like it. There are three reasons:

  •  Insecure code 
  •  Messy codebases
  •  Inconsistent core library 

Such conditions are not useful for PHP popularity. We used to observe this situation up to version 5.4. 2020 brought us not only Covid-19 but also new editions of the PHP. Now, we have 7.4th and 8th PHP. And we have many more reasons to change our mind about this language now. 

PHP 7.4th: The Best Chance to Grow a Reputation of Language

Any huge arguments against the language are still not taken away. But the 7.4th volume gives an opportunity to write maintainable and reliable applications. So, we’re sure that there will be no disgruntled developers. The majority of the problems are gone. This time, it’s not just “security fixes only.”

What Can We Enjoy Now?

PHP is a flexible language that can even be used to code web scraping APIs. Other programming languages are far more limited, for example, Ruby is used primarily for scraping tools

The modern version offers:

  •  the possibility to write secure, strongly typed, and statically analyzed code
  •  easy combining with the static analysis and useful tools (we mean Psalm, Phan, and PHPStan)
  •  a chance to use doc-blocks to get proper IDE support. There is a way you can fix the problem that generics still missed 

Not everything is perfect here. But the creators of the language are moving by leaps and bounds to improve it. Don't deny it: PHP is on its way to perfection. 

PHP's Syntax Features

PHP 7.4 is a more mature language than it has been ever. Please, take a look at the syntax:

Array destructuring syntax:

Array spreading syntax:

Variadic functions syntax:

Argument unpacking syntax:

Typed properties syntax:

This list isn’t complete. But it’s enough to understand: PHP is still evolving, and it gets better every time a new edition is released. 

So, Does It Make Sense to Study PHP in 2020?

With PHP 8.* arriving, we can write clean and quite maintainable code. It also allows developers to create quality and reliable software. You just need to use it wisely. Perhaps, programmers will find that the new era of their work can be much more easy and productive. 

Still, we have practical goals to deal with PHP in 2020. Clients of those programmers who are working with PHP are enjoying the results, so we are. Especially that there are many clients willing to pay for such a code, and this code works pretty well, without complaints. 

And now, what can you say? PHP is still relevant this year, don’t you think so?


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