CMS or PHP Framework? Questions to Ask

CMS or PHP Framework? Questions to Ask

Are you planning to launch your website?

But, Wait ...!
Before you finalize theme, layout or other things, there are other essential aspects which you must take into consideration.
Like any other business, you want to stand out with creative and innovative website. Also, you want to outdo your competitors with incredible user-experience.
Well, when it is about choosing the platform, majority of people get confused between CMS and PHP framework.
Choosing a right platform or differentiating between CMS and PHP frameworks isn’t easy at all.
Keep in mind: understanding the main differences between CMS and PHP web development framework will help you come up with the right decision.
Anyways, you don’t need to be worried or confused when it comes to CMS or PHP framework. Following are four questions which will help you better understand the key differences with ease:
So, Let’s get started…...!

Question #1: Which provides more Security – CMS or PHP framework?

Either you’re planning to start your Ecommerce site or any business online, the first thing you’ll look at is ‘Security.’ And, you should give special heed to rock-solid security for protection of your digital assets, online presence and so much more. So, PHP frameworks are far more secure and protected as compared to CMS.
Are you wondering why PHP frameworks are better than CMS?
Reason is most of the CMS are open-source and they are easily vulnerable to security threats. On the other hand, PHP framework develops a website from the scratch using custom code – this advantage almost kills off chances of complete vulnerability and your website stays safeguarded against potential threats such as cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, and SQL injection.
Answer: CMS or PHP framework – which is best for security, then it is PHP framework. Because, they are easy to manage and contains built-in security feature to fend off threats as easily as A-B-C.

Question #2: Which is Easy to Manage – CMS or PHP Framework?

When it comes to ease of management, CMS will dominate over PHP framework.
Because, it doesn’t require extra efforts to manage any content management system, i.e. Magento, WordPress or Drupal etc.
For PHP framework, you’ll have to hire a professional services for web development and it will take care of your custom code and everything from A-Z to keep your website fit and running.
Technically, you don’t need to be an expert programmer to be manage CMS, whereas, managing PHP framework takes experience and prior knowledge.

Question #3: Which is Best for Quick Upgrading - CMS or PHP Framework?

Keeping sure that your business site is upgraded with latest code is truly inevitable. Regular upgrades help you to keep your website protected and updated. With new upgrades, it comes new plugins, new advanced features and tightened security patches. PHP frameworks don’t come up with frequent upgrades. Although, some PHP frameworks have updates related to new features and enhancements. But some might take time for introducing new updates, but still working safe and functioning highly.
So, as far as upgrades concern, both CMS and PHP framework depend upon your preferences. They have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Question #4: Which One Offers Best User Experience (UX) – CMS or PHP Framework?

Content Management Systems (CMSs) are good at managing content of your site with ease. Because, they are designed with the site managers in mind. That’s why, a website admin can comfortably update content and no technical knowledge is prerequisite for it. Plus, a majority of CMS provides responsive themes, so that website could function reliably on all mobile devices.
On the other hand, PHP frameworks don’t contain any standardized UI (User Interface). Because, they have to be customized using PHP’s library functions. Likewise, CSS framework i.e. Bootstrap can be used with PHP framework to create highly-functional websites with top-notch user experience (UX).
In nutshell, CMS is best because it offers incredible user experience than PHP framework.

Final Words: Which One is Good for you CMS or PHP Framework?

In the end,
Now, you better understand the fundamental functionalities of these two available options (CMS and PHP framework). You got a basic idea of how secure and easy-to-manage they are, and which one is good for quick upgrading and user-experience. So, it’s now easy for you decide which one to choose.
Well, being a business owner or website manager, you should give special importance to your company’s goals, visions and then decide which technology should you choose as per your business requirements.
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