How Web Designers Can Avoid Responsive Web Design Mistakes?

How Web Designers Can Avoid Responsive Web Design Mistakes?

Responsive web design has become the order of the day.

All entrepreneurs and business organizations always ask for the creation of WordPress websites with responsive web design as is a mandatory requirement to rank websites higher in its SERP. Always keep in mind that Google will ignore your site if it is not responsive to mobile devices. Web designers and developers constantly reel under pressure to create responsive WordPress websites. So, naturally, they make mistakes which prove to be detrimental to the web-based business sooner or later. So, how to abolish mistakes in responsive web design? Let’s find out.

Unreasoned Layout

Always keep in mind that visitors come to your site because they need information. But, if this information is poorly organized, they leave immediately without reading the content or taking any action. Therefore, the entire structure of the or its pages must be carefully planned keeping the needs of mobile users in mind so that they can easily access your site in full on different mobile devices.

While creating responsive websites, always use a grid because divides the layout into vertical or horizontal guides around which the content of the page is built. Apply the rule of two thirds, divide the image into 9 identical parts (3 x 3) and place the object to which you want to draw attention to the intersection of these lines in an easy way.

Inconvenient Navigation

Inconvenient navigation is a major problem when users try to visit websites through mobile devices. Mobile devices have limited space. So, you must create site navigation accordingly. If the user cannot find the link to go to the next section of the site (on a mobile device), he/she will leave the site immediately. Apart from this, by clicking on the menu item, the user waits for the transition to the appropriate section of the site. Place all the most important stuff on the website homepage and provide hassle-free navigation to visitors to move from one page to another using scrolling or clickable links.

Disgusting Inconsistency in Page Design

When the pages of a site have different design patterns, it can confuse visitors and repel them away. Furthermore, if the placement of the navigation and search block changes from page to page, the overall impression of the site (on users) will be extremely negative. So, just use the same color scheme on all pages and make sure that the vertical and horizontal distances between the elements of the layout are the same everywhere. Headings on different pages should have the same design and length. Use clearly visible CTA buttons and simple web design elements to keep your website clutter-free.

Web Design Mistakes

Lengthy Content

SEO professionals use lengthy content to help their site rank well in the top search results of different search engines. Always keep in mind that even if your site ranks well on the first page of Google, busy Internet users tend to avoid them, which is fatal for you in the long-term from a business point of view. Lengthy content creates problems for Mobile Internet users as they have to scroll the content endlessly to read the whole text.

So, the minimal text should be used in the responsive design. Keep your content short, simple and straightforward and always strive to gain more experience for the convenient and suitable organization of information on the screen. This requires technical expertise. Get rid of the unnecessary navigation menu on the site that helps mobile visitors better perceive the main content. Keep the content straightforward and precise.

Using Very Large Images

All web designers and developers love to play with pictures while creating responsive websites. This may include fitting images for different screen resolutions, color optimization and other parameters. All web designers who create responsive websites should be competent in the selection of high-quality images as too large images can negatively affect the performance of the site and repel users. Perform image optimization before using images on websites.

Not Taking Care of Touchscreen Features

This is one of the main mistakes made by beginners and experienced web developers make this mistake. From time-to-time, they forget about this aspect and get involved in other useless design elements. Not paying enough attention to changing the size of the buttons and interactive content in accordance with the size of the thumb can create a negative impression of your site in the eye of Mobile Internet Users. So, create responsive websites in such a way that they can easily be used on touch screen mobile devices.

Final Remarks

Responsive web design has become one of the main goals of web designers who aim to dominate the web design and development world. Mistakes do happen in responsive web design. Take care of these mistakes while creating responsive websites and perform the troubleshooting job to make end web products more useful. Best of Luck!

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