How to Recover Files After a Trojan Attack

How to Recover Files After a Trojan Attack

How to Recover Files After a Trojan Attack?

A Trojan virus is a malicious software that will infect your computer causing your important data – mostly official documents – to become encrypted. As well as encrypting, and even losing files such as PDF’s, word documents and images, Trojan viruses can also completely lock down a computer, often demanding a financial ransom. Ransomware and Trojan viruses are on the rise, so if you’ve been affected, you should always report it – it’s a serious type of online fraud. Because this malware goes through a number of stages from entering your computer to demanding a ransom, it’s crucial that whenever possible an attack is blocked at the initial stages. However, this isn’t always possible, and many users are left with a loss of files after a Trojan attack. Thankfully, it is often possible to recover files – here’s how.


Users who safeguard their PC or laptop computer against such malware attacks are less likely to be affected by them, and also have a higher chance of recovering files if a Trojan attack were to take place. Installing anti-virus software on your computer is just one way of doing this, however, you must make sure that it’s not a free, or pirated copy of anti-virus software as these copies will most likely not contain the crucial, regular security updates that are included in the legitimate paid versions.

If you are using a Windows Operating System on your computer, it’s recommended that you enable shadow copy feature, as if a Trojan virus does encrypt any of your files this will assist in reverting them back to the original versions.

Download Carefully

When downloading files and software onto your computer, you should always be careful. Users who download crack codes and download files using peer-to-peer networks are more susceptible to being affected by a Trojan virus, so if you do download such files, it’s essential that you have a good, up-to-date anti-virus software system running on your computer.

If Your Computer Becomes Affected:

If your laptop or PC computer does become affected by a Trojan malware virus or ransomware, it’s important that you do not do what the malware is asking you to do. For example in the case of ransomware, paying the amount that is asked for is never a guarantee that you will regain access to the affected files. Instead, you could end up still being unable to access your important files and documents as well as having lost money. In this case, you should try to:

  • Boot Windows in safe mode or run a deep scan with your Anti-Virus software to find the cause.
  • Right click the files that you are unable to open and choose ‘revert back to the previous version’.
  • If you have a backup, try to restore data using this.

If the above does not work, you have the option to use file recovery software such as Star X Soft to retrieve your data.  This should help you to recover your files.  If it doesn’t, you may want to seek technical support.

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