Health and wellness applications

Health and wellness applications

Though sometimes being too customized, nowadays health and wellness mobile applications have a lot of users. Some of them even exceed the number of 120,000 active clients.

The good news here is that people start to care more about their health to prevent the occurrence of different diseases and hard health conditions. On the other hand, many functions of the hospitals and clinics are performed remotely, so there’s always a need in the functional platform to carry out all the necessary actions on it. In the field of custom mobile app development orders for health, applications have got a significant share. Before we move on and observe the functionality, let’s analyze the most popular healthcare and wellness apps. Although both types of applications deal with a person’s health conditions, they are different in purpose.

The most popular wellness apps

Diet and weight-loss apps

Different lifestyle coaches, nutritionists, and other specialists in the area design mobile applications to provide their clients and patients with nutrition clues, diet ideas, and weight-loss techniques. Many of these applications contain low-calorie recipes, ideas for lunch and dinners menus, and, of course, calorie charts to keep it choosing different food products.

Water balance apps

Drinking enough water is key to a healthier life and a very hard habit to develop. That’s why nowadays applications that remind the users when and how much water they should drink are extremely popular. You just download it, and in this way get personal assistance I keeping the water balance in your organism.

Meditation and relaxation apps

Emotional health sometimes is even harder to maintain in the rhythm of modern life, and all the stresses we face echo day. Relaxation apps help to keep calm and plan the rest time properly. Sleep cycle apps also proved to be highly effective in recent years. You can hardly find time to visit a meditation class. But a digital meditation trainer in your smartphone is always at your service.

Menstrual cycle tracking apps

Nowadays, women find it very useful to get menstruation cycle apps on their smartphones. It’s interesting to know that among the other types of wellness apps, these applications have the highest level of loyalty among their users.

The most popular healthcare apps

Healthcare applications help hospitals become more cost and time-efficient and provide patients with additional conditions to get professional help and supervision at the right time. Among the most popular types of healthcare apps, we can name the following:

Health records apps

With the help of IoT, hospitals have found it more effective to store personal records of their patients within easy reachability of both patients, and their doctors. So, many hospitals design apps to collect and save the MRI images, test results, and diagnostic information in one place.

Medication and treatment management

In this way, doctors can easily track the process of treatment and make immediate decisions if something needs correction. On the other hand, medication management apps are very effective for out-patient conditions, so their users won’t forget to take a pill at the right time.

Appointment booking apps

To manage waiting time and provide their patients with more convenient ways of setting a visit, many hospitals have launched calendar-based applications to help their patients book the appointment online.

Community apps

To get additional support from the people who are in the same condition is getting more and more popular among patients. Self-treatment hacks, medicine reviews, and just a helping circle of friends are what patients gat using this kind of apps.

Main features of the health apps

If you are planning to design wellness of healthcare app for your business, before applying to the app development agency, decide on what functions your future app needs to have. To help you make your mind and get the clue, take a look at the most vital and populate functions health and wellness apps may possess:

  • Multiple options of chatting, calling, and another form of interpersonal communication within an app
  • Easy paring with wearable devices 
  • Calendar-based appointment booking options
  • Food/ calories/ blood sugar/ blood pressure and other types of tracking options
  • Hearth rate monitoring
  • Medication, water intake, test reminders
  • Log in functions and easy profile settings
  • Searching and filtering options, multiple parameters
  • E-prescription options
  • E-consulting options
  • Possibility to upload and store huge pieces of visual information
  • Analytics within a pre-programmed plan of a diet or treatment process
  • ymptoms analysis
  • Push notifications for different purposes…

Of course, you might need only some of the functions, but try to foresee all the needs and expectations of your clients. If you fail to deliver all the necessary options they need, you may face the necessity to apply changes to your app that is often not cheap. Besides, it’s always extremely difficult to re-engage users who were not satisfied with your app having tried it previously. But if you have already got the app, and you want to change it, go to the source to check what to take into account.

Think about the benefits you want to get launching the app. It will predetermine the functionality you will need to organize. Also, take into account what are the expectations of your clients. Of course, the first thing you should concentrate on is the user experience. The application should not be too complicated, as you may lose a lot of potential clients, especially those who are onto on the first name terms with gadgets and technologies. Providing additional functions, make sure they are useful and relevant. Because if the menu is too overloaded, the ‘location can lose its attractiveness. When you are designing the healthcare app, take into account the needs of clients with disabilities. Test the app before launching to be aware of possible bugs and other technical issues. Think about how much the application needs to be online-based. If we mean tracking functions, first of all, make them available offline.

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