Four Secrets for Choosing Your New Office Space

Four Secrets for Choosing Your New Office Space

Four Secrets for Choosing Your New Office Space

Moving your business to a new office space is an exciting procedure. Perhaps you’re looking to expand or downsize, or you’re simply looking for something new.

​In any case, you’ve got an opportunity to build your new working space around your company values to get the most out of your employees while they’re at work. When employees come to work, they need to feel like they are excited to start the day. Achieving it can be done by making the office a friendly and safe space for everyone, and if you feel like your working space is getting cramped, you can look into flexible office space options available in Dallas. Moving to a new place can revive the atmosphere among employees, sparking a sense of teamwork as everyone gathers together to make moving go as smoothly as possible.

​ This article lists the four main secrets to selecting the perfect office for your company, ensuring you choose an office that will inspire and comfort in equal measure. Be sure to bear these tips in mind when you’re looking for your new office space.

1. Inspirational Design

Some offices are frankly outdated. Everyone might experience a slight chill up their spine when picturing the 1980s ‘box cubicle’ office that is now considered almost inhumane in its compartmentalizing of office workers. But there are plenty of other outdated design practices to look out for. Try to avoid those offices with grey, uninspiring and cheap carpets, or mono-chromatic design features as they are unlikely to inspire your workers. A little character and charm wouldn’t go amiss too! Indeed, you want your colleagues and employees to gasp when they’re introduced to their new place of work.

2. Location

There are two main strands to this business secret. The first is incredibly important: you want the location of your business to display a certain prestige, a status that says you’re a seri-ous, professional and trustworthy player. You want your clients and customers to see an address that’s associated with class, or to visit an office that’s centrally located and attractively designed. Secondly, you’ll want your office’s location to be within easy access to all of your workers’ homes. Concentrate on securing car parking facilities and being well-connected to public transport routes so that your employees don’t have to endure a long and tiresome com-mute.

3. Can You Co-Work?

Co-working spaces are the new ‘it’ thing, and rightfully so! They’re inspirational merely by the fact that everyone occupying these offices is young, talented and driven. Most are the heads of their own businesses, and therefore provide expert advice and know-how on a friendly basis. They’re also constructed by thoughtful and modern companies such as, who's interested in creating a stimulating, comfortable environment for those who choose to co-work. Especially relevant to small businesses with only a handful of employees, you should certainly consider this route as a uniquely rewarding new space in which to center your of-fice.

4. Amenities and Facilities

The last point to consider when choosing a new office space is the kind of facilities inside the building and the kind of amenities that surround it. Most offices benefit from a shower room in which cyclists or those who jog to work can freshen up before they start their working day. Some also have a gym on-site, which is a huge benefit to offer your employees. When it comes to surrounding amenities, ensure you’re within a walk of at least one cafe and eatery, so that your staff can nip out for a bite or a drink with ease.

​ Consider the above four elements to office selection in order to select the perfect office in which to resettle your business.

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