Google On Mobile Search Engine Optimization (2018)

Google On Mobile Search Engine Optimization (2018)

Google On Mobile Search Engine Optimization (2018)

Have you ever imagined an adult in your immediate surroundings who do not own a mobile device? Can you imagine yourself without it?

Personally, I get spooked even at the thought that I am somewhere without a phone. Do you remember the time how we use to survive when there was no internet?

The buzz you may hear sounds like thousands of SEO write and discuss regarding Google’s shift to mobile-first indexing, which was due in mid-2018. As it is already 2018, every webmaster must acknowledge this fact and get a firm grip on mobile optimization.

1) Mobile audit:

Before you optimize for all the new trends, which will make your mobile site the best and the fastest, you have to ensure you do not have issues that can harm the whole optimization process. The team of Google Search Console will assist you to run an audit and detect possible problems. It is vital to understand whether all your significant resources are accessible to Googlebot and free from any kind of errors. Be careful to the fact that you have to verify every landing page of your website for mobile-friendliness because it is assessed on a page basis.

2) UX:

UX stands for user experience who are clearly aware of the quality level, which they can experience when surfing the Web on mobile. The summary of their intentions, they want to achieve their goals as fast as possible with no fuss.

There is no confusing navigation, no pinching to zoom, no touch elements located too close to each other; and very importantly- no waiting! If neither of these expectations is fulfilled, there goes irritation and very active bouncing.

3) Content:

At this point, it must be clear that content requires to be easy to consume. Do you know anything more when it comes to Google? Whatever restrictions it applies, it makes the following concession typically- your website can still rank high, providing the content is excellent. Also, in the era of semantic search, such state of things are going to last for quite some time. Lastly, it is the content that converts.

The most crucial thing you must remember while optimizing content for mobile is that people like to utilize voice search on this very kind of device.

4) Location:

Tech companies and many SEO Companies in Mumbai get much information right from the phones. The fact that Google does not conceal is that it actively captures the pattern of our behavior on the Web. It allows shifting search to a hyper-personalized level. Such a tendency is transparently seen when we try to do a local search. Also, notably when we do it on a mobile device: Google states 80% of “near me” searches come from mobile.


If you are still confused about- what serious steps must be taken to mobile optimization? “It’s a sign: Do the right thing!”. The above-given steps can be useful. Even if, you are thinking of trying any of the new trends, this is a warning: you should do thorough research before and do not forget to invest effort along the way.

Furthermore, if you genuinely want to increase mobile traffic, you need to optimize your website for mobile SEO. The steps as mentioned above have covered significant things, which can help improve the performance of your website .

Posted by Abhijit Mandavkar

Abhijit Mandavkar

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