Four Great Ideas on How to Provide Better Customer Service

Four Great Ideas on How to Provide Better Customer Service

Your customers’ experiences with your business will determine whether they’ll come back in the future. Find out how you can offer more to these customers.

Customers expect great service no matter what business they support.
Their experience with a business determines whether they’ll do business with your company in the future again. Have you ever had such a good experience with a company that you can’t help gushing about it? Sometimes, it is the only reason we’ll ever return to a business. Great customer service is one of the best ways to connect with your customers.
Do you know what separates you from all the other companies out there? If you’re using a reverse logistics platform, that’s one way of putting your company above the competition. You are eliminating the need for customers to find ways to recycle or upcycle your end products when you provide reverse logistics services. Only a few companies offer this kind of customer service. Surely, your customers will remember you more through this than giving away coupons during your business’ anniversary.

Shared Loyalty Programs

Many companies spearhead loyalty programs where customers get points for every purchase they make. They can redeem these points for products or other services. You know the drill. How can you make your own loyalty program unique? You can allow shared loyalty programs. Make your loyalty program a family affair by letting a couple accumulate points under one account. For business accounts, you can let employees collect points and redeem those points for something they can all enjoy—like a coffee maker perhaps?

Personalized Experiences

Have you stayed at a hotel where everything is personalized, from the towel, the bathrobe, to the hotel slippers? While that can be pretty expensive, the return can be amazing. You can offer personalization services. If you’re selling silk robes, perhaps you can embroider the initials of your customers for free. How about the way you talk to your customers? Make it a point to get to know some of your most loyal customers. Call them by their names. They will never forget that experience.


Think about what your customers want: convenience. More than anything else, your customers want a way to make their experiences richer. But at the same time, they don’t want to be bothered with redeeming points and claiming rewards. How about fusing two businesses together?
If you own a car wash shop, perhaps you can also include a laundry shop or a coffee shop there. This way, your customers can get their cars washed and do their laundry at the same time. They can also catch up with friends while having their cars cleaned. Or they can work on their laptops while they’re waiting for you to finish buffering their cars.

Connection with Customers

Connect with your customers on a deeper level. Don’t just focus on engaging them through social media. Do you know that Fruit of the Loom offers free change of underwear to professionals who have changed jobs in a 30-day period? They target this market specifically on LinkedIn. Those who sign up for the deal get the underwear and an extra $5 coupon. That’s beyond great customer service. That’s intuitiveness.
Do you know how to impress your customers? That’s one of the key things you need in your marketing arsenal. You have to find out what they need and want. You have to try to give them these things because they are going to reward you with loyalty and positive recommendations.

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