7 Best Reasons To Choose Java For Web Application Development

7 Best Reasons To Choose Java For Web Application Development

Java language is a demanding and old language that is serving users from 1995.

It was introduced by the Sun Microsystem and, enterprises consider it as the best language to build enterprise applications, web applications, websites, and mobile applications. Java is a highly-secure and for this reason, it is a popular choice to build banking and financial web applications. Many reputed companies named Amazon, Google and Facebook websites are Java-based and is the best language to boost the business output. Many enterprises Hire Java Developers to avail the best web application for their day to day operations. Here, we have discussed some incredible benefits of Java.

OOPS Based Language

One of the top reasons behind the immense popularity of Java is being an Object Oriented Programming language. For developers, this feature is highly crucial, with the implementation of OOP it is quite simple to write the code and easy to keep the web application modular, scalable and flexible. Java objects once build can be reused across several applications. With the support of software reusability, the application development cost is reduced greatly.

Platform Independent

Java has the code reusability feature, it provides the developers to write code once and implement anywhere. This is a highly useful and time-saving feature of Java language making it highly portable. Therefore, the enterprises feel free to change the hardware or operating systems without coming across any kind of trouble and cost of fixing the incompatibility of the existing software present in Java. This feature is a complete-time savior as it speeds up the web development work. This advantage of Java makes it more in demand in comparison to other programming languages.


Java is easy to scale as the web applications developed within it can easily address the increased workload. The workload is in the form of higher request rates, and large data sets. Java supports features to customize the web application needs and developers can easily scale the project as per the business needs. This clearly reveals whenever the response time and the performance needs to be improved, very less code is required for addition.

Highly Secure

Most of the business enterprises go for Java development as they find it a highly secure programming language. It has several pre-defined security features like cryptography, access control and advanced authentication making it the first choice for web development work. Using these amazing security features, comprehensive API comprising the secure login mechanisms, digital signatures, and ciphers are used by the developers.


Java supports multithreading feature, thus the applications developed can serve more than one user at a single point of time. This has ultimately reduced the developer's burden by eliminating the troubles of executing multiple copies of the code. Java instantly creates multiple threads within a single copy of the software as needed by the web application. A multithreaded environment provides a developer with immediate response time, multiple operations, and high performance.

Huge Community Base

For web application developers, the biggest benefit of Java is that it has a vast community that is always ready to assist during the troubles. Developers connect with each other through online forums, web seminars, and online groups, etc. This community includes beginners and experienced developers, researchers, members, that share their experiences with each other. Java has numerous active forums, and multiple groups to help in troubles regarding the code. There are communities present to guide beginners, as well as experienced programmers. There are numerous open-source developers who contribute a lot to the community for the others.

Build Real-World Applications

Java has a set of innovative features to build all kinds of real-world applications that can give confidence to the developers. For instance, several renowned websites including eBay, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Facebook is all based on Java. It is best for building any kind of enterprise web application related to any industry including manufacturing, financial and healthcare services. Java is even contributing to trending technologies like Blockchain, AI, IoT, Cloud, Data Mining, Smart devices and AR/VR apps.

Wrapping Up:

We have talked about some of the major benefits of Java language for web application development. If you also want to build a Java-based web application, then don’t wait any more simply contact an experienced development company. Hire a leading software development company having all the essential resources to build an engaging web application. You can contact or research online for building a web app for any business domain. Check company reviews, clients and working processes before hiring. Look for an IT company that provides top-quality solutions to every kind of business. In addition to development services, look for their work in the mobile application development services for a better decisions.

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