Exclusive Video Converter for Mac Users

Exclusive Video Converter for Mac Users

Movavi video converter for Mac will give you the power to edit any video without strain. Inbuilt apple converter present as a preset enables you to create iPhone compatible videos within minutes.

All you need to do is select iPhone, Android or the relevant Smartphone type from the drop down list. Video from your Mac formatted to fit your Smartphone specifications will be automatically generated. That’s just the beginning of long list of impressive Movavi video converter features. There are several user friendly features all stacked up in an easy to use interface. The speed of this video converter is 81% faster than the other famous converters present in the market.

Audio Extraction Made Easier Than Ever

Separating audio from the video is a tedious task. Several youngsters who wish to create impressive audio video remix like the Dubsmash have a terrific time extracting good quality audio from the original video files. The free converters available online are hard to use or allow only a very small quantity of audio clippings to be extracted. Movavi video converter for Mac eliminates this problem completely. Now you can easily convert any audio track present in you Mac computer into MP3, WMA and WAV formats easily. Audio from the videos you download online or MP3 movies can be separated using the in-built audio converter. The audio files can be converted into rare formats like M4A, FLAC, AAC and OGG too in addition to the basic audio formats by pressing a single button.

Easily Understandable Interface

Synchronize your audio and video from the MAC computer into Apple devices like iPhone or upload them into the iTunes using apple converter. Movavi video converter for MAC allows you to do this with the automatic presets built for synching apple devices and the audio video clippings in the MAC system. The interface is so easy a five year old can operate it with expertise. Just click on add files, choose the required output format you want and start the video conversion. You just need to select the device name you are going to transfer the video to if you do not know the actual output format, for example, iPhone.

You need not break your head editing the video and altering its resolution. The video and the audio clippings will automatically transform to the specifications of the key devices in the market. The resolution of the video and the quality of the audio will transform itself into the best format and appear on your tablet or Smartphone in their best quality. When you transfer the audio, you are free to adjust the volume without any need for re-encoding. 16 different tracks for one particular sound file can be added. You can create animations from pictures, create a moving video using stable photographs, edit their sizes, background and colors plus mix them with motion pictures all using a very user-friendly interface. Play around with the Movavi video converter for Mac using their apple converter to upload amazing videos and audios into iTunes and your iPhone.

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