Effective Video Game Marketing Strategies

Effective Video Game Marketing Strategies

The internet world today is bombarded with a number of video games that you do not know which is which to choose from.

If you were a video game developer, and you see the competition with others is too tough, you might lose your heart and continue with your game. However, don’t be disheartened, this article will help you boost your video game marketing.

The journey to a successful video game does not end with just creating, developing, and introducing it to the market. The battle lies on how well you market your game to attract players to achieve popularity. You need to convince your players to download your game on their devices. .

It does not matter if your video game is new, or if it is old but you just need to relaunch it, or you just want to gather more players in addition to what you already have now. There are a lot of tools on the internet that can help you achieve your goal. The good news is that most of them are for free!

Let us now navigate through this whole article and see what we can do to popularize your video game. These strategies can ensure a surefire game marketing plan.


Next to Google, Youtube is one of the most popular sites for research and entertainment. So you need to have a YouTube channel to catch the attention of game players and to gain more reviews. 

On YouTube, you can show the highlights of your game. A teaser is one perfect strategy to share how exciting and fun your game could be. In here, your creativity in using excellent graphics and a good soundtrack should come in handy. As soon as you have your video uploaded, then you can lead them to your link that leads to the app store where they can download your game. Don’t forget to add tricks and tips or guidelines. Also, make it a habit to engage in other gaming channels too so your game would be noticed. 

YouTube also has advertising services where your ads will appear before a video is played. Users can either watch the video or choose to skip it. You would only be billed by YouTube if users watch your ads without skipping it.


There is not one successful business that did not take advantage of the benefits of writing a blog. A blog can build a connection between you and your users and potential users.

You can use Google Algorithm if you want to increase traffic to your site with the use of SEO. You can also learn about How to Start a Blog if you want more tips in blogging. If you have your own blog, people will read it and share it with others. Don’t forget to write the updates on your blog from time to time.

App Store Optimization

With App Store Optimization (ASO) you can boost your game’s ranking and visibility. With ASO, you can do a set of tactics. With this strategy, you can attract traffic to your game’s page and encourage visitors to download your game.

Social Networking Websites

Of course, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites must not be set aside. Why? Because almost all of the target players of the game have Facebook and/or Instagram accounts, and it has become habitual for them to check on their accounts from time to time. One good thing about social media is that you can limit your audience only to those whom you know would be interested.

You would be surprised at the number of inquiries, comments, and downloads, all because of these popular social networking websites.  You can create a Facebook page where you can post an introduction and you can also add updates in your game. In other words, be engaged! Make the players realize that behind your game is also a human who also plays the game and who also plays other games.


With Podcast, users can search for audio files from trusted Podcasting websites. Many gamers prefer Podcast because they get to see the latest updates about what’s new in the gaming community. Through their headphones or stereo, they listen to various feedbacks about different games in the market. You can find a way to schedule an interview with one of their hosts to get proper publicity to the gaming followers.


Through Reddit, you can post information about your game. You can search for the proper guidelines on how to post on Reddit. The bottomline is, you need to share something about your game to the audience who  would be your potential players. Take note: make sure you adhere to the rules as some forums might see it as unnecessary or a spa otherwise they would delete your post or worse, kick you out from the forum.

Research Websites

There are many forums found on the internet by which you can see how others review your game. It may be bad or good but nevertheless, it would help you see the strengths and weaknesses of your game. In a positive outlook, that is an opportunity for improvement.

Game Influencers

Taken from the word itself, influencers influence. Whatever the business is, influencers make a big contribution. That is why they are in demand. You may be fortunate enough to know one but if you don’t know anybody, then you can find one on social media websites. There are certain pages and groups of gamers where you can bump into an influencer. Just be active, participate, share what you know, and you’ll find one influencer.


Still having qualms about your own game? Follow these effective steps and see how, little by little, the number of players and downloaders pile up. It’s a bit tedious but like any other business, you only need to focus and be determined. Let us know if you have tips or questions to share with us. We would love to hear from you.

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