Don’t Fear the Digital Revolution, Prepare for It

Don’t Fear the Digital Revolution, Prepare for It

In today’s world, technology is advancing at a very rapid pace.

The big as well as the small companies are working hard to survive in this digital revolution process. Due to this ongoing digital revolution, the tasks are getting complex day by day for the IT leaders. The successful companies have already prepared themselves for the digital transformation and have also initiated its implementation.

There are still many businesses that need proper guidance for implementing the digital transformation process. This article will guide you as a digital trainer in order to get through the digital transformation process.

Digital Revolution 2019.

How to prepare for Digital Transformation?

Every business wants to achieve long-term success. The long-term success cannot be achieved without incorporating the innovative technologies in production methods. According to the recent findings from the MIT Centre for business, the companies that have executed the digital transformation process are 26% more profitable than their average industry competitors and these companies also get a 12% higher market valuation. However, the digital transformation is a very complex process that requires continuous implementation.

No doubt, technology brings a great revolution, but the way in which you implement and use that technology also matters a lot. Below, we have highlighted the five important questions that every IT leader should ask themselves before transforming their business processes into a digital workflow. This will make the digital transformation easier for the IT employees. So, let's have a look!

5 important questions for IT leaders:

The IT leaders should get an answer to these questions:

  • Get to know how strong the digital opportunity for your business is. You must know that what percentage of your revenues is under threat.
  • Which business model suits the best to your business? The same business model cannot work for all types of businesses.
  • What is the key competitive advantage of your business in terms of content, experience, and platform? Enhance the strengths of your business with the digital model.
  • What technologies must be used that can help you in accelerating the business processes? For example, what kind of PDF solution you require for your business. If the business requires a lot of file conversion then you must choose the PDF solution that is equipped with conversion feature such as PNG to PDF converter.
  • Do you have the right leadership at all levels that can help in transforming the system?

Who are Digital Achievers?

Who are digital achievers?

When it comes to the digital transformation, then one process cannot fit every company’s business model. Every company has got different needs and requirement and they have got different plans for digital transformation. Either you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced digital innovator, getting the support of the champions is the first step which can help you in executing your digital transformation plans. According to the two digital experts, Casey Foss and Kyle Hutchins, if you want to achieve a successful digital transformation, then the first step is to recognize the digital achievers within your company; once, you have identified them, the things will get easier for you.

According to the digital experts, the digital achievers are defined as the individuals who have the capability of grasping the fundamentals of working and competing in a world revolutionized by technology. The digital champions are encouraged and motivated to bring a change and they also have the ability to survive in an environment of change.

Now, the question may arise in your mind that how you can identify the digital achievers in your company. We have made the task easier for you. Keep on reading to get the answer to this question.

  • Gather the digital achievers:
    Organize the meetings of digital achievers in which they can discuss their plans.
  • Provide them data to solve problems:
    The digital achievers possess the ability of curiosity and creativity that is required to solve the issues.
  • Redefine the mission of digital achievers:
    Ask them to break the concepts into small parts. Their focus should not be on completing the project but they must create something that can continually be made better.
  • Allow them to perform experiments
    There should be no fear of failure as the teams that have a fear of failure cannot succeed at a faster pace. So, provide the environment to the digital achievers in which they can experiment and show their creativity. This will help them to achieve the transformation fast.
  • Provide them the technology and tools that speed up their work:
    Some of the tools like cloud, micro-services, and abstraction allow teams to work without affecting the business processes. You can also provide them with the existing technologies to increase the productivity of the business.

New technology and research processes:

Whenever any new technology is introduced in the market such as the digital transformation that has totally changed the way we live, then along with that a lot of research starts. Now the question is that with so much research going around, to whom you should listen? Joe McKendrick has explained this very accurately in his latest ZDNet article, The pressure is on: digital transformation seen as a make-or-break proposition for IT managers. In this article, he has explained the things in a simple way which can help the IT leaders to know that what kind of investments they should do in order to get a positive impact for their business.

Hence, do not fear the revolution which is going on! Learn how you can benefit from the new technology. The digital transformation has got great benefits for the businesses. Such as by implementing the paperless system, you can save effort, time and money. We will recommend you to use PDF format for saving all of your digital documents. You can scan the paper-based documents into PDF format and can also convert the digital files that are in some other format into PDF; such as you can use JPG to PDF converter for converting the JPG files into PDF. We hope that this article will help you in implementing digital transformation for your businesses.

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