Search engine optimization is a vital aspect of promoting a business and building its online presence.

It is not just putting contents on the website but integrating all elements to make it work properly. However, it costs a great amount of time and money. With no enough knowledge and expertise, it is better to contact an SEO agency like Search Media to help you optimize your website. However, if you have no budget, you may consider doing it yourself.
Here are some of the tips that can help you boost your organic rankings.

Determine your Target Audience

The reason why you are doing SEO is to be found by your consumers online. How do you do this? You send signals to search engines by giving relevant information about your business. People are accessing your site upon a search query and in order to appeal to them, you need to be found in search engines.
Majority of consumers start their queries through search engines when they go shopping online. If your site is not optimized, you will be missing a lot of marketing opportunities.
You need to know your target audience by determining their needs, age, location, and sex. You need to focus your content on these factors and start planning the keywords and content strategies to implement for your audience.
The best way to develop this is by engaging in forums and discussions. As you interact with your target audience, you will know their pain points. Once you know what they are searching for, you can use it to for a better understanding of how you will provide solutions for them.

Study Keyword Research

All searches begin with a word or a phrase. These are the terms that the consumers are commonly typing to the search box to look for products and services. Don't assume that you already know what your customers desire. People have different minds so the terms they are using differ from each other.
You need to understand what keywords bring the most traffic. It will help you analyze the demand for the products and how consumers behave in the online market. Identify both strong and less-competition keywords and find ways on how you can use them as an advantage.
There are free tools available online such as Google Keyword Planner which you can utilize to study the demand and value of a given keyword related in your business. SEMrush, Ubersuggest, and Wordtracker are among the paid tools that are widely used for an effective SEO campaign.

Understand the Competition

There are many businesses out there that are selling the same products and offering services like yours'. In order to make strategies, you should observe the activities that your competitors are doing. What are the strengths and weaknesses of their business? Where are you in the competition? Are you falling behind the pack? By understanding what they are doing in their marketing and website, you will know what content and structure work for them and the results they get from it.
Observe how they acquire customers and the ways they engage with their target audience. This will make you improve your SEO and marketing efforts and level up from the competition.

Build an Interactive Site

Without a compelling website, it is difficult to get the attention of your visitors. A website with intuitive and interactive features entice visitors and convert them to clients and customers. Your website architecture must be aligned with the content with the proper keywords on their respective pages. You can use FAQs pages to target long-tail keywords and answer the common questions of your audience to help optimize your site. Make sure that the web design is updated and the site is easy to navigate because it plays a massive role in SEO too.

DIY SEO helpguide

Optimize your website

People access information across different devices. Websites should be equipped with modern features and be mobile responsive. According to a Google report, the majority of search queries come from mobile phones. If your website is not updated with this trend, you are hurting SEO. Take note of the site's speed and how it plays well with desktops, tablets, and phones to boost user experience.

Consistent and Valuable Content

When it comes to SEO, you probably heard the phrase, "Content is King". That is true but remember, quality is always better than quantity. You don't have to produce an enormous amount of content and articles every day because it will overwhelm your readers. Instead, create blogs that would provide relevant information or solution to what your buyers are searching.
Post content on a regular basis and be consistent when updating them. Do not post in random dates but schedule a publishing time. Use a variety of content – not just plain texts. You can make use of pictures as well as videos to discuss topics in a more concise way.
It is also helpful to build links in your content as link-building is one of the major elements of SEO. Content needs to be valuable and supported with facts from credible and authoritative sites. Build links to the top-ranking sites in your niche and start coordinating with them.

Social Media Integration

SEO is divided into two: on-site and off-site. As you work on the website itself, don't forget to build an online presence in social media network as well. Create an account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin. Most of your prospects are using these platforms in their daily lives so ignoring social media platforms decreases audience engagement.
If you have a strong social media presence, it will help increase your reputation and provide long-term benefits in SEO. Social media enables you to connect and engage with your customers as well as monitor the activities of your competitors and interact with industry partners.
Also, it is a great channel to promote your content to a wide audience and increase your viewers, and build more backlinks with the help of "likes and shares".

Don't forget Google Analytics

Don't do things blindly. An effective optimization makes use of data and metrics. Analytics measure the performance of your SEO activities and through this, you will be able to determine what needs to be done in order to improve your marketing strategies. Analyze the reports, conversions, traffic, campaigns, and set and track your goals. Be on a pace of improving all numbers.

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