10 Most Common SEO Marketing Challenges

10 Most Common SEO Marketing Challenges

Digital marketing is like a vast battlefield. One must be able to outplay the opponents using smart attacks to get ahead.

You must be able to strategize the perfect foundation, so when plan A fails, you have a contingency plan to push the entire army back up -- just like SEO rankings.
More and more businesses are taking the SEO marketing path for scalability. Why? The most straightforward answer is because SEO is one of the most affordable marketing solutions in this day and age. Plus, SEO has what other conventional marketing mediums don’t have – trackability.
If there’s one drawback to SEO, it’s time-consuming. You have to have the perseverance to push and see those rankings go up and expect those conversions to be knocking on your website. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned digital marketer, we’re certain you’re going to come across these 10 most common SEO marketing challenges along the way.

Sudden Drop in Rankings

Now let’s start with the nontechnical aspects of SEO marketing challenges. It can take a while to start reaping the benefits of SEO. If you’ve had a pretty good streak for months and suddenly see those rankings drop on your analytics tool, you can be scratching your head for what went wrong. Here are some of the things that you can do on the surface:

  • Check SEO on-page basics
  • Check if Google has new algorithms
  • Check site visibility
  • Revisit and assess your content
  • Check site speed
  • Do a mobile-friendly test

Wrong Target Market

Before putting together an SEO campaign, market research is crucial. It’s imperative to know your target market so you’ll know your audience’s pain points and how your product or service can solve these pain points. Communicating to the wrong audience is like selling a cheap hairbrush to bald people. No matter how affordable and good your product or service is, no one will ever buy them because they don’t need them!

Getting Updates on Google’s Algorithms

This is the reason why SEO shouldn’t be a one-man show. If you think you have what it takes to create content, focus on on-page and off-page SEO, adhere to white hat SEO, and stay up to date with algorithms, then good on you. However, sometimes a simple algorithm update will be the death of your rankings. And did you know that Google changes its algorithms 500 to 600 times per year? Hiring a Delray Beach SEO agency is another way to help you battle outdated tools and practices.

Not Using the Right Keywords

Producing valuable content will not suffice. Using high-volume, target keywords is just as essential to get on SERP’s good graces. Check those keywords which are not doing so well and try to change them. Aim for long-tail keywords as they’re the least competitive and therefore, easier to rank. Also, Google finds value in content which has a higher word count as it gives users more in-depth information.

Duplicate Content

Most sites fail to rank because of duplicate content. Whenever Google sees content that matches with other domains, it will immediately deem the site low quality. This can put you at the bottom of the list. Always make sure you use tools such as Copyscape, Dupli Checker, or Grammarly before publishing your content.

Ineffective Link Building Strategy

Now onto the more technical part of SEO marketing challenges. For your blogs or content to rank, internal and external links are vital so Google can see your site as something users can rely on. However, Google gauges backlinks of high authority. Linking to low-quality links will also do more harm than good. You can use a free browser extension like Moz to check a website’s page and domain authority levels.

Wrong Text-to-HTML Ratio

A low text-to-HTML ratio means a website has more HTML codes than visible texts which users can understand. This could be due to a lot of factors such as poor encoding, black hat SEO like hidden keywords, or a lot of unnecessary codes and scripts. A good text-to-HTML ratio would be around 25 to 70 percent.

Not Optimizing Alt Text

If you think that grammar and spelling in your blog are the only important SEO factors, the image is equally just as substantial. Creating an alt text which contains your target keywords will allow Google to rank your content based on how relevant your image is as well.

Broken Links

Google prioritizes user experience, and when your site contains a lot of broken links or bad HTTP responses, you can be seeing a significant drop in rankings. Always make sure to audit your website and check for broken inbound links every now and then.

Not Optimizing H1 and Meta Tags

The H1 tag is the first descriptor users see when browsing through Google. And the meta tags are the second thing the users breeze through to find out if the content is what they’re looking for or not. If you’re not optimizing the right h1 and meta descriptions, you could be missing a lot of click-through opportunities.

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