Difference Between Best Antivirus and Antimalware

Difference Between Best Antivirus and Antimalware

Antivirus and antimalware come under broader cybersecurity category that has confused people for long. While there is minute difference between both, still it is critical one. Let’s discuss more here.

Antivirus and antimalware come under the broader cybersecurity category that has confused people for long. While there is minute difference between both, still it is critical one.
In this article, we are going to discuss the long-debated difference between antivirus and antimalware software and what it has to offer you. We will also discuss 3 best antimalware software that you should use to keep your Windows system secure.

Difference between virus and malware

Before we understand difference between antivirus and antimalware software, let’s discuss difference between virus and malware.
The terms virus and malware are often used interchangeably by users around the globe. Despite that, it has a difference.
While virus is considered to be the specific type of malware that is designed to spread and replicate, malware is a broad term used to describe all types of malicious codes. Here, virus will self-replicate and insert its code into other programs on your system.
The first computer virus was created in 1982 for the Apple II, and it has been improvised significantly. You can notice that viruses usually spread across your system by attaching themselves to legitimate programs and files. Here, the viruses are distributed through infected sites, external drives like USBs, emails, and more.

Difference between antivirus and antimalware

Now that you know the basic difference between the virus and malware, it becomes easier to understand difference between antivirus and antimalware.
Here, antivirus program protects you from al virus-related threats. To the other hand, antimalware protects your system from all malicious codes be it viruses, Trojans, Worms, ransomware, spyware, adware, or anything else.

Best Antimalware Software

Advanced System Protector

Using this best anti-malware software for Windows, you can keep your system safe from all types of malware and cyber threats. It is compatible with all Windows versions and delivers seamless user experience. You can use Advanced System Protector to keep your system and data safe from adware, spyware, Trojans, phishing scams, and more. It also works as an effective identity theft protection tool for Windows.

Features of Advanced System Protector

It works on powerful can engines to scan and remove malicious content even from the remotest corners of your device storage.
It supports cleaning all types of malware threats effectively.
It offers over 10 million up-to-date definitions to keep you safe from all existing & emerging malware threats.
It sends regular automatic updates for comprehensive security.

Antivirus for Windows

Bitdefender Total Security 2020

The next best antimalware software is Bitdefender Total Security 2020. This smart solution is carefully designed to deal with all existing and emerging malware threats. This single antimalware covers all your security needs. It provides effective security solution for all your devices in a single subscription. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.
Features of Bitdefender Total Security 2020

  • It offers advanced threat detection techniques to protect you against all sophisticated malware threats.
  • It offers multi-layer ransomware protection for complete security.
  • Here, you also find secure VPN to keep your online privacy & security intact.
  • Advanced parental control features to keep your kids safe.

Antimalware vs antivirus

Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home

Next in the list is Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home. This smart solution is also available as business version. It helps you protect all your devices at home and business. It is available for 30-days free trial before you actually buy it. It protects you effectively from all virus and malware threats.
Features of Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home

  • It helps you protect from all advanced malware threats including ransomware.
  • You can use this tool to protect your system & data from PUPs, Bots/Backdoors, banking Trojans, adware, and more.
  • It works on Emsisoft dual-engine scanner to protect you against all malware threats.
  • IT offers 4 effective protection layers including surf protection, real-time file guard, behavior blocker, and anti-ransomware for comprehensive security.

Antimalware vs antivirus

Best Antivirus Software

Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus offers complete protection for your home and office network. You can use this smart antivirus solution to secure small, medium, and enterprise level businesses effectively. Furthermore, it also helps you protect your children’s security & privacy efficiently. It works well with Windows, Mac, and all mobile devices and keeps them safe. This powerful tool is trusted by millions of users around the world.

Antimalware vs antivirus

ESET Antivirus

ESET offers over 30 years of elite cyber protection experience to keep all users safe. It helps you protect all your devices in effortless manner with advanced security features. You can use this nifty security solution to protect all types of systems and networks at home and office. ESET Antivirus not only protects you from existing threats, but it also protects you from emerging virus threats. You can use its free 30 days trial before going for the paid version.

Antimalware vs antivirus


Knowing the difference between antivirus and antimalware software will help you decide right tool for your system to keep your data safe. Here, we have discussed more about it in detail. If you have suggestions or queries to help others understand best usage of antivirus and antimalware software, then feel free to share in the comments below.

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