Crucial Parts of SEO DIY Marketers Always Forget

Crucial Parts of SEO DIY Marketers Always Forget

Digital marketing, in all its aspects, is selling like pancakes.

Forget about traditional marketing and its marketing mediums. In this day and age, every business, regardless of size, is taking its marketing strategies into SEO.
And why not? Digital marketing has outshone conventional marketing in every category. Not only is digital marketing more affordable than its counterpart, but it’s also trackable and modifiable.
And the best part is – anyone can join!
Where there’s demand, there will also be supply. That’s why we’ve also seen an upsurge in DIY digital marketers nowadays. I bet, businesses looking to hire digital advertisers will never fall short on being able to find the right digital marketer for their advertising needs.
Although the internet is saturated with DIY digital marketers, do they live up to what they say they claim to be?
If you are an aspiring DIY digital marketer and you’re browsing through another DIY digital marketer’s content, STOP. Don’t make the same mistakes as they did. Here are some five important SEO steps that DIY marketers always overlook.

Determining the Target Market.

When online marketers are pumped to get into the swing of things, they tend to forget this first step in SEO. Determining your target market will make or break your campaign. This is where the entire blueprint of your digital marketing campaigns will be based on.
You can’t use millennial jargon to an audience of baby boomers, right? Or sell a cheap hairbrush to bald people. By knowing your audience and their pain points, you will have the upper hand on how you can communicate with them.

Stalking your Competitors.

This does not only work in digital marketing, but this applies to all types of marketing.
A successful SEO marketing campaign will rank on the first page of SERPs. That is your primary goal. To know how to beat the competition, you have to spy what they’re doing so you’ll have the advantage.
Check their website, check their call-to-action buttons, check their social media platforms, check what kind of content they have, and check the keywords they’re ranking the most on.

Focusing on Social Media Presence.

It’s no surprise why social media is also one of the major channels of digital marketing. And why shouldn’t it be? Almost all people, from baby boomers, generation X members, generation Y members, to millennial and generation Z members have social media accounts.
Boosting your social media presence will reach out to your prospects in a far-reaching range. However, since most of your competitors are leveraging social media, it’s hard to capture a user’s attention anymore.
Credibility is vital in social media. Take, for example, Instagram. The higher the Instagram follower, the more likely users will believe you.

Prioritizing On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

This step is probably the other half of the battle in SEO digital marketing. That’s because it’s Google you’re trying to please here.
In case you don’t know, Google algorithm decides whether your content, blog, video, website, infographic, or even the image on your blog post deserves a spot in the first page of SERPs.
Before you start building valuable content, make sure that it’s SEO-friendly which means optimizing on-page and off-page SEO like the titles, metadata, h1, h2, and h3 tags, local SEO, and the whole nine yards. There are numerous courses available online so not knowing how to do it isn’t an excuse.

Forgetting to Track.

The best part about SEO digital marketing is that you can monitor each campaign’s progress. By using tools like Google Analytics, you will be able to remove and modify underperforming keywords, campaigns, or content at the initial stage, so you're not wasting your money, time, and effort.

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Anthony Blair
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