Pros and Cons of Using Facebook To Promote Your Brand In 2019

Pros and Cons of Using Facebook To Promote Your Brand In 2019

One of the significant challenges faced by both small and large scale businesses nowadays is lack of exposure. Even with top notch customer service, it is challenging to make sells without awareness.

One way through which brands could become popular is through the use of social media channels like Facebook.
With more than 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook remains the best social media channel for businesses. It is the most effective way through which brands could reach a larger audience and sell their products. That is why so many marketers and organizations are leveraging on the benefits this social media platform has to offer.
Here are the major advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook to promote your brands.


FB Awareness

Increased Awareness

It is the most popular social network in the world. The figure of users is growing every day.
For more information on how to choose an Automotive Marketing Agency for your dealership, contact us. According to Forbes, there are well over 50 million brand pages on Facebook. Today, it has over 2.3 billion users and 1.52 billion users. Using this channel is one of the most effective ways to expose your business to the world. To increase awareness, firms can create contents, use sponsored post and take advantage of Facebook ads to reach more people.

Low Marketing Expenses

Marketing on this social media channel cost less. While so many large firms invest in building websites, small firms don’t have to tow the same path. Instead, you can create a Facebook page and start uploading content immediately. The page allows firms to share all the information about their products at no cost. With Facebook advertising, it is a win-win scheme for all small and medium scale businesses.

FB Detailed Analytics

Detailed Analytics

This network provides detailed analytics about page visitors and other information that allows organizations to learn more about people interacting with their pages. With this platform, you can see people in the net, when they are online and content they are in search of. Any company having a need to monitor its online activity can have access to some tracking tools that help to track website conversion. Having detailed analytics of all activities on your site enables you to discover new areas to improve on.

FB Target Audience

Targeted Audience

Ads can be tailored to meet individual preferences like sex, age, location , etc. These reduce the tendency of displaying your advertisements to people who have no interest in it. For instance, if you sell products targeted at women, you can choose the demographics of women in this age range. Also, this social media platform has a re-targeting feature that allows you to reach the right target. This enables you to persuade them to take the desired action, and narrow your target audience.

Develop Loyalty

Firms that want to be in business for long must build brand loyalty. Brand loyalty makes customers buy your product despite other alternatives in the market. One way to develop brand loyalty is by delivering a world class customer service. This social media channel is a dominant platform through which customers interact with their favorite organizations. Through it, businesses can also respond to customers complaints while building engagement. The more all these happen, the stronger the bond that is established.

FB Increased Traffic

Increasing Web Traffic

This platform also helps to increase website traffic. For instance, you can include a link to your website on your page to direct traffic to your site. So many people see this as one of the biggest advantages of this social media channel in promoting a business. By inserting clickable links to your post, users can visit your website and know about the product or service you are selling. Also, firms are more likely to make sales from users who visit their site from Facebook. This is because they have an idea of what you offer while clicking on the link and also decided to take the desired action.

More Brand Authority

When you share relevant content on Facebook, customers see you as an authority. Creating mind-blowing articles and eye-catching videos, pictures or infographics s leads to customer satisfaction. What’s more interacting with clients and visitors of your page increases engagement a lot. Note that satisfied customers are eager to leave a review of your brand. These reviews contribute towards making you an authority which increases customers’ trust.


Difficult To Catch People’s Attention

Potential customers who log on to Facebook do that to communicate with their loved ones. Others take time to view some pictures and even update their profile. Since they are not mentally prepared for other things, many users overlook ads without even clicking on them. This is why Facebook has a low conversion rate, and brands that must be creative with their contents.

Negative Comments

Facebook is an interactive online network where people make a post, and upload photos or videos. While you have control of your page, you can’t control who posts information. This makes it quite easy for people to make a negative post about your brand and product. Potential customers read such negative comments which may affect your brand sales.

Requires Time And Resources

Launching a Facebook page does not mean you get more followers without any efforts. Creating valuable and exciting content - this is the right way to reach and satisfy your audience, but it takes a lot of time and resources. You must also reserve time to reply to comments and queries on your page. That is why it became a good practice to outsource some tasks on the companies like to get high-quality content and free up some additional time for interacting with customers and responding to their comments and questions.
Many brands are using Facebook to improve their brand awareness. This is because Facebook has the most extensive online audience in the world. It means users see more ads than usual, making it harder for yours to stand out. Nevertheless, Facebook remains one of the most engaging and high profitable platforms for promoting new brands. It is a developing network, and it is its main advantage. They are eliminating bugs and enhancing codes. That’s why it is possible that some of these cons will disappear in 2019.

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