CRM Solutions: How They Look

CRM Solutions: How They Look

In the business world everyone is talking about CRM. If you want to know how these solutions look like, then this article is right for you.

Growing company values and products while having to diagnose customer related problems while keeping the level of their satisfaction and experience with the company high can be a tall order to many businesses today. 

However, a CRM system opens up incredible opportunities for small companies and large business equally. Managing prospects and old customers becomes easier with integration of low-code solutions in customer data collection and management.

However, companies should not buy and install any kind of CRM software available in the market for the sake of it. You should consider the numerous CRM features before picking the right CRM software for your organization by doing a deep analysis of the CRM functionalities and understanding the specific CRM requirements for your teams. has more of these considerations that you can check out.

Here is a summary of some key CRM features you should understand before settling on a CRM platform for your business.

1. Contact management

This is an element of CRM that gives users an opportunity to segment contacts into groups and cater for them in a better way. The feature also makes personalization of customer contacts better, which in turn, makes your customers feel important. It’s a key aspect in customer satisfaction.

2. Leads management

Being able to monitor customer behavior and identify those who are most likely to convert is a key business capability. This feature therefore helps to streamline sales and marketing teams while improving the sales process.

3. Reports and dashboards

Data collected and analyzed by the online CRM tool is relayed into an interactive dashboard which makes it easier for users to view the statistics and reports. Management can then use these statistical reports and updates to make data-driven decisions.

4. Sales analytics

This feature allows users to seamlessly create sales campaigns. You can also collect data from any social media platform; access polls and other useful website traffic, and then analyze them. All this is possible with just a single CRM software.

5. Files sync

The ability to synchronize a number of files and programs into one manageable platform is among the unlimited CRM software solutions. This enables you to upload and sync emails, import spreadsheets and do more with a single CRM system.

6. E-commerce

Some classy CRM software have e-commerce solutions integrated with them, which allows you to manage wired trade capabilities with users more easily. Availability of this online CRM solution therefore makes your business present across many online trading platforms and increases leads conversion as well as reducing the time taken to close deals.

Business growth depends on the marketing strategies used. The marketing features of the CRM also make it much easier to conduct online marketing tactically. These could include email marketing pipelines and project management tools, some of which may even deliver options for tracking competition and predicting sales.

7. Chat integration

To a modern user, chat feature comes as a priceless asset. This allows you to chat with your customers, employees, partners and service providers or even offer a dedicated customer support from the same UI. These can be done from chat programs such as Olark.

8. Customer support automation

Customers will be attracted to a business which is able to provide adequate customer support to guests and regular customers at all times irrespective of their history of interaction with the company. Integrating customer based support features such as FAQ pages, email correspondences and chatbots makes customer experience incredible. This feature also allows users to control by changing or improving the outputs of the customer support solutions.

9. Customization options

One of the most basic CRM features is customization. However, the more customizable a CRM is, the more flexible it is. While considering the customization features of a CRM, look at the possibilities of the system to adapt with a growing business as well as being able to integrate with the existing software.

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