Amazon and Scraping - What Backlash You Can Get Out of It

Amazon and Scraping - What Backlash You Can Get Out of It

Amazon is one of the most popular and usable e-commerce platforms. It embraces so many things. First of all, let’s make it...

Amazon is one of the most popular and usable e-commerce platforms. It embraces so many things: people order books, groceries, hosting services, cameras, computers etc. on a daily basis.

Amazon is one of the largest databases for retailers, products, market trends and feedback. It is simply a present for web-scraping.

Web-Scraping and Its Peculiarities

First of all, let’s make it clear what web-scraping is. Web-scraping is a web-page fetching process which is followed by data extracting. After the data is in your hands, it is:

  • parsed;
  • analyzed;
  • reformatted;
  • copied into a spreadsheet.

There are plenty of advantages you receive with web-scraping. You understand product data from other sellers and are able to gather and analyze the prices on the market.

So, what exact data can be extracted from Amazon during scraping?

  • prices;
  • range of goods;
  • availability of goods;
  • product images;
  • variations of goods;
  • characteristics and description of goods;
  • rating and feedbacks;
  • various discounts;
  • dates for special offers;
  • options for delivery.

As you can see, web-scraping allows you to understand the strategy of your rivals and, in the end result, to overcome them.

Amazon and Possible Restrictions

As any other reputable, serious and self-respecting company, Amazon has certain restrictions during the work with it. These restrictions are completely excused as the platform tries to protect its business and its users.

However, these restrictions highly influence the life of those who work in the business sphere as scraping will not be possible with Amazon if you are not familiar with certain lifehacks.

The issue is that when Amazon sees any suspicious activities conducted from the same IP address it simply blocks access for this address. However, if you know how to use proxies, you will not get blocked.

Proxies stand between you and Amazon. When you send a request to this (or any other) site, a proxy meets it halfway and changes your IP to an absolutely new one. In such a way Amazon (or any other resource) cannot see your real address and detect you.

There are different kinds of proxies. It is necessary to stress that residential mobile proxies work best with Amazon. They are perceived as real people from different places and that is why they are not banned.

OnlineSIM offers mobile proxies with 99.5% without ban. With more than 60 million proxies in its pool, OnlineSIM is perfect for scraping. It offers IP rotation and high-quality anonymous web-scraping.

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