AI to Revamp Next Level Online Commerce

AI to Revamp Next Level Online Commerce

By 2021, retail ecommerce market will be $4.5 trillion strong. The number is nearly thrice it was in 2014. Such is the potential in this vertical.

Mobile is already seeing more internet users than computer. It is expected that 70% of ecommerce buyers would be on Mobile by the time we complete 2018.
In any case, online commerce continues to grow. Any and all technologies will have a simultaneous impact on both the channels. Though some players in the past did try doing away with computer but only to fail.

They either now are investing in mobile applications or have gone with responsive web design. Undoubtedly mobile is the way ahead but desktop and computer purchases won’t die anytime soon.
While data analytics, digital marketing and CRM are already leveraging on AI’s potential, online commerce isn’t far behind.
Over 70% of all businesses are planning to invest into AI. They are slowly but surely making their way to it. Factors associated with cost and AI in its maturing phase, are the only deterrents for now.

AI brings in a whole new dimension to the way we have been shopping over the years. The trends are visible more on the user side. Personal assistants and round the clock support keep buyers happy, besides luring new customers.
Business owners too are taking it easy and capitalizing on their efforts to driving sales and generating traffic.
One can only expect these trends to go mainstream down the line. Perhaps then, we are ready for the next version of AI or who knows, a brand new idea!
Until then, enjoy this infographic from Mofluid on AI driven mcommerce trends today.

AI Trends in Ecommerce

Posted by Roberto Garvin

Roberto Garvin

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