5 New Marketing Tactics To Consider In 2018

5 New Marketing Tactics To Consider In 2018

Finding a new way of marketing your products is an excellent way of staying ahead of your competition.

The surest way of evolving with the times is to follow the latest trends in technology. For example, 2017 was an excellent year for social media influencers. They helped companies sell millions of products. However, that was 2017. A new year requires a new set of marketing strategies. These strategies have to be bold and unique. Here is a list of 5 new marketing tactics to consider in 2018.

1. Augmented Reality

AR is useful because it superimposes an image on your view of the real world. That means you can see how a seat would look in your living room without leaving the room. You can also see how a dress would look on your spouse. That means AR will revolutionize the world of online shopping because people will no longer guess how good something will be. Instead, they will see how suitable it is for them or their house thanks to AR.

2. Live stream videos on social media

Videos on social media are critical when it comes to marketing your products. In fact, a viral video increases the awareness of your brand among potential consumers than television or radio ads. However, social media is changing including the way people watch videos on this platform. For example, did you know that Facebook Live videos get three times more viewers than regular videos on the same site? That means live streaming videos when launching your products or doing tutorials among other marketing strategies is better than uploading a video after you have recorded it.

3. Marketing with a video wall

Video walls are the wave of the future because of various reasons. One of them is grabbing the attention of the people in the store or those who are passing near it. Their curiosity would cause them to walk into a store just to look at the video wall closely. The content marketers can display on video walls is dynamic as well. For example, one section can be showing something different from another one. In fact, those different sections can create a beautiful collage of video content for customers who are in the store. Moreover, shop owners can purchase video walls with touch capabilities or internet connectivity.

3. Virtual Reality

VR simulates realistic experiences for its users. For example, you can create videos that will take your customers on a journey through your store. Travel companies can develop videos that will take their potential customers through seemingly realistic trips. Viewers would sign up for travel packages easily after watching such videos because they want to experience these destinations in real life. Moreover, manufacturers of mechanized products can also use VR to demonstrate how their products would work in real life situations.

4. Chatbots

KLM, which is a reputable international airline, launched a chatbot feature using Facebook messenger. This chatbot handles more than 16,000 interactions each week. Moreover, it had sent 2 million messengers to over 500, 000 customers in less than six months. These statistics are an indication of the growing popularity of chatbots as a means of communicating with customers. Another interesting statistic is that 15% of Americans have used this form of technology. Moreover, 64% of them agree that the best feature of chatbots is that they are available 24/7.

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