9 SEO Content Writing Tips to Write SEO Content for Your Website

9 SEO Content Writing Tips to Write SEO Content for Your Website

9 SEO Content Writing Tips to Write SEO Content for Your Website

Search optimization content writing tips for 2019.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aims at making sure the contents of a page or even an entire website are visible and highly-ranked on search engines. Producing web content requires special skills to ensure that the content is easily understandable by people and by the search engines or bots. Most people utilize third-party SEO where they seek the services of professionals who know how to rank pages highly on search engines. Other websites utilize in-house SEO where they employ people who are well-versed with your website or page to help rank it.

SEO and Digital Marketing Strategy

Time has seen to it that tools used previously for SEO are becoming obsolete. The field of SEO has become complex over the years. SEO has also become part of digital marketing in the sense that digital marketers use SEO to promote their websites and, therefore, their products and services.

SEO Content Writing Tips

SEO Content Marketing Tips

Here are 9 tips to help improve your content writing:

1. Headers and subheaders

Use headers and sub-headers throughout your content. Use of headers and sub-headers helps in making your work easier to read. Also, it enhances the saturation of keywords.

2. Quality

As mentioned earlier, the central aspect that readers look for is quality. It means you should carry out extensive research on the topic. Include optimized images where necessary. Be sure to research the keywords to get a broader understanding of the information you want to pass on to your readers.

3. Find popular keywords

Keywords are the most crucial part of SEO articles. Select keywords that are most searched by readers and that are relevant to your topic. Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, Moz Keyword Explorer, and Long Tail Pro are some of the best content writing tools for SEO to use for finding good keywords. The search of keywords can also be done by typing a sentence about your topic on Google Search. You will then be able to choose from the keywords suggested.

4. The relevance of keywords

When selecting your keywords, make sure most of them are directly related to your article or message. Make sure there are about three to four words that ultimately make sense and also give the reader a brief of your article content. If you are writing an SEO article, the keywords should enlighten the reader on what the content is about and prompt them to want to know more from your article.

5. Spread the keywords naturally

SEO Content Marketing Tips

Make sure you do not under optimize or over optimize keywords. Keywords should be used in the right amount and spread evenly within your content. The density of your keywords should be about 2 per cent. For example, in a 1000-word article, keywords should be used about 20 times.

6. The title

The title of your article should be appealing to readers. Also, it should contain the keywords and answer specific questions readers would have in mind such as how, when, why, and who. More so, ensure the title is not so long so that it can show in full on the search engine.

7. Proper structure

The article should be written with the proper structure to ensure that it contains an introduction, body, and conclusion. On the introduction, you can incorporate the use of a story, quote or even a fact regarding your topic. You can also pose a question to your readers, and that will most likely intrigue them to keep reading the rest of your writing. The body contains the main topic discussed with facts and figures. Here, introduce information that is new to your readers. The conclusion should be the summary of your paper.

8. Proofread

Your readers would not be pleased with a piece of writing full of grammatical mistakes and sentence structures that are incorrect. Proofread your work several times. You can also engage a friend or professional to go through your work.

9. Sharability

Make your article shareable so that it reaches as many people as possible. Tools such as ShareThis make it easy to share content from your website. You just need to add social media buttons to your site.


SEO helps to rank content highly so that it is visible to as many readers as possible. Besides designing an SEO friendly website, there are a few tips you can implement to make sure your articles get to the first page of every reputable search engine. Importantly, keywords should be used appropriately to allow people to find your articles when they search for closely related content. Tools such as Google Keyword Planner can help you decide which keywords to apply for a specific topic. Also, ensure you research your topic thoroughly to generate quality and unique content. Digital marketing can also be used to rank your website on search engines.

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