8 Essential Tips For Writing an Excellent Guest Post

8 Essential Tips For Writing an Excellent Guest Post

We all know that writing a guest post is a very daunting task because it involves so many steps from identifying a potential website to choosing the right topic for their website.

And there is no guarantee that your pitched article will definitely be accepted by accepted. There are so many factors are involved when it comes to guest posting.

If you are turned down by many site owners then either there is something wrong with your content or you are targeting wrong sites.

So today I am going to talk about what factors you should consider when it comes to writing and approaching other bloggers for your guest post.

Find out your target audience.

Before you choose your topic for your next guest post the first you should do is find out who is your target audience and your target website.

Because by identifying your target audience, finding your blog topic becomes easy which results in the faster writing process.

Tips to keep in mind when writing for a specific audience.

  • Choose your words(writing tone) according to the target audience's age and mindset.
  • Keep the conversation flowing (You may include stories or funny pictures)
  • If you are writing tech articles then try to be as specific and informative as possible.

You can relate the above points to the following example. Say if you are writing a guest post for lawyers then you should change your writing tone to professional and keep it short otherwise your article will become boring.

You can identify your audience by looking at a popular article of that site and also previously published article also helps in deciding your target audience and pitch idea.

Set a specific goal for each guest post.

Before you start writing your guest post you should consider what do you want to accomplish by publishing the guest post. The goal can anything from promoting your website, influence people, prove authority on that subject or share your expertise.

If you are writing a guest post to prove your authority then it is essential you make the highest quality possible. By setting your goal you can write the guest post accordingly and also this speeds up the writing process.

Always check the guest post guidelines.

The main reason your guest post is declined is that because you don’t read their guidelines. And sometimes what happens is the host website might be receiving thousands of pitches every day and replaying everyone or edit every post is not practical. So they simply reject your post.

To increase the chances of accepting your guest post edit your article according to their instruction and try to write above their given word count.

Sometimes they may want you to write an article on their selected topic so don’t check out their guidelines then there are chances that your article will be rejected.

Bloggers Experts

Share your expertise.

This goes without saying that if you are writing a guest post for the sole purpose of acquiring backlinks then you are likely to get rail-roaded.

Try to provide value to the readers and if they like that article then they will share it on social media. You may not know this but social traffic landing on your website and a positive ranking factor for Google.

This not only benefits in acquiring backlink but this also helps in increasing the referral traffic and quality of that backlink.

So my advise would be to write a quality guest post that satisfies the user intent.

Write an enticing headline.

Have you ever read an article whose headline feels like not worth opening? The answer is no right. This same concept applies to guest posting.

Let’s say you wrote a great article with awesome info but your headline is not that interesting. You pitch that article to the editor and he immediately rejects it.

The reason is a dull headline. Like I said earlier the popular sites receive thousands of pitches every day and they don’t have time read every one them.

So what they do is they just read the headline of the pitched article and based on that headline they consider if they want to read it further or not.

In order to write a catchy headline, write 10 different headlines for the post and select one of the best among them. This way you will end with so many choices.

Use relevant info/case studies.

When writing a guest post don’t make fake claims for the just sake of the guest post. During the reviewing process, you may get caught and permanently banned on that site for guest posting.

Try back your claims by real data. This will not only help in accepting the guest post but it also helps in building trust towards your product if you are promoting your brand.

If people find your article resourceful then this will increase the chances of linking back to your guest post which will boost the quality of your backlinks.

Insert visuals.

We all know that without visual the article becomes so boring to read. This editor may feel the same thing when reviewing your article.

To increase the chances of your guest post approval try to make the article attractive and readable. To make enticing you add images and videos which will engage the users towards your post.

Also, don’t writer whole paragraphs of texts. This makes the reading process very annoying and boring.

Proofreading an article

Proofread your article before submitting it.

When you are writing an article there are high chances that at some point you may have forgotten a word or two. You may not realize it when you are writing.

So it is standard practice to double check the whole article for any potential grammatical error or spelling mistakes. You can use plug-ins like Grammarly to make this process easier.

Read your post again and again. If you feel like removing any particular sentence will do any good then do it without a second thought.

This way your submitted article will be of the highest quality with useful information.

Final Verdict.

There comes a lot of hurdles in your way when it comes to writing a guest post. Do not fear rejection. Just write the highest caliber guest post and try to reach out to the right website for the successful acceptance of your guest post.

Always try to provide value to your readers in the article and rest will fall in line. If you have queries regarding outreaching or guest posting then you can let me know in the comments down below. Along with a professional writing service like SmartWritingService.com. I will be more than happy to help you.

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Larry Brown
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