Why Blogging Holds Great Promises for Businesses

Why Blogging Holds Great Promises for Businesses

Blogs have more or less become the cornerstones of any business' online marketing stratagem. The fact that businesses can keep adding information on their website and make it content rich with each passing day holds them in good stead as far as garnering traffic from search engines is concerned; not to mention the growing list of readers who are keener to keep a tab on the latest updates on the website's blog section.

And there are a number of reasons that we can take a closer look at; reasons  which have convinced businesses to start a blog of their own:

Reach the Target Audience More Convincingly

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how you reach your end-user. Whilst you can implement a concoction of a 100 different marketing approaches to expand your reach, a blog bottles up a few of them together and delivers a value much greater and impactful.

  •   It helps you glide past the restrictions of a typical business website

When you already have a website dedicated to your services, you may already be realizing how it has bounded you to include strictly the company-centric information – the about us page, the services, the categories - and how you have no alternative but to keep it static. Now, since you aren't offering your readers anything new to read, they don't come back to your site unless they represent a company that is seeking the services you offer. You can use the blog to create stories about your brand and also update your consumers with the latest offerings and services – not just by you, but also by the industry you are the part of. 

  •   Pushes Your Numbers By a Fairly Good Extent

And from the search engine perspective, your static content isn't taking you far anyways as Google and the likes of it prefer websites that keep giving their readers something new and valuable to read. Your blog is catering exactly to those needs. When you have professional writers curating the content for your site, you are ensuring that the final content is relevant, qualitatively enriched and tailored for SEO. The numbers matter as it is the traffic on the site that will determine how many prospective clients are able to see your website and know of your existence and your services. With an active blog, you serve the purpose just right.

And Why Wordpress Should be Your Ally

And Why Wordpress Should be Your Ally

A blog section, more than anything else, increase the following of a website. When we use the term “following”, we point to the audience that the brand is targeting and how it is being more penetratingly reached and intrigued. The blog section allows the company to keep the website dynamic and more search engine friendly. But, before they can map out the content strategy, it is important to first determine which blogging platform the blog site has to be built upon. And this is where Wordpress comes into the fray.

Irrespective of the growing number of blogging platforms out there, Wordpress continues to be the choicest platform, riding on a host of reasons. The Wordpress customization capabilities gives companies the wherewithal to tailor their blog as per the latest trends and updates in the market. To further help your decision, there are some stats that you need to have a long and serious look at:

  •   Close to 20% self-hosted websites on the Internet are running on Wordpress
  •   Technorati recently listed its top 100 blogs, and a staggering 48% of those blogs were hosted on WordPress.
  •   Among Alexa's top million websites, 18% are using Wordpress

Wordpress is extremely user-friendly, to begin with. You hardly need to be a hotshot developer if you want to host your company's blog. A little bit of technical acumen would serve you well, but you really don't have to get into those complex coding ways of PHP and HTML as Wordpress will help you steer clear of those while putting forth everything you need to create a business-serving blog.

Why Blogging Holds Great Promises for Businesses

So, let Wordpress be your ally, hire some quality writers that can create a self-sufficient content map, observe the influencers in your industry, keep a close tab on the trends and start churning out the content that matters

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