8 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your SEO In 2019

8 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your SEO In 2019

A website that has a strong SEO framework can easily make it to one of the top ranks on the first page of Google results.

If a business website has to grow at a good pace, its SEO framework needs to be stable. It should have all the positives that search engines expect. Other than that, it should not have any negative constituent or something that potential visitors do not like. Websites are designed to generate more business and create an online presence. The only way to get your website ranked highly is effective search engine optimization. A lot of brand owners have various misconceptions about search engine optimization. Some of them have the opinion that a website can acquire the top spot on Google within a week or even less. This is not factual in anyway.

If you want your business to grow well and get the maximum possible customers, you should be very serious about search engine optimization procedures. It is all about being creative and thinking out of the box. Here are 8 important ways that can help you with better SEO results. Better SEO means that you can index your site easily in Google.

Draft the keywords in a proper manner

The business world is highly competitive and brands are always involved in head to head competition with each other. However, today, brands generate bulk of their business from online sales. People search for products on the internet, view websites that are apparent on the first page, compare them and buy the desired product. The triggering point is to determine what people search for and the search phrases they use.

  • A keyword or phrase used in the content should be directed properly. Consider an example for better elaboration. If you have a computer accessories brand and you are looking to enhance your online sales. To get more conversions, more people should search for you and the information on your website should be relevant. More than anything, the website information should include keywords being used by users. This should not be a random selection. It is preferable to use different soft wares for keyword planning.
  • Simply inserting a keyword may not deliver the goods and you need to fine tune it accordingly. If you are selling towels, simply mentioning the word “towels” would generate several links. To be more articulated, you can use phrases like “buy quality towels” or “buy fine quality towels”. These two phrases direct the search in a better manner. On the other hand, if you simply use the word “towels”, a lot of links displayed on your screen would not be related to buying. It is important to refine keywords according to your own requirements.

Faster Pages with HTTP 2

The technological infrastructure of a webpage does play a key role in determining the speed at which the page would be loaded. HTTP 1 is being used as a networking protocol from the year 1999. Considering the tough networking requirements that we have these days, switching to HTTP 2 is a much better alternative. Even if your website pages have a large data size, this advanced networking protocol would enhance the loading speed.

The Evolving SEO world with UX emphasis

Correct keywords were the turning point in the early SEO days and websites that lacked in this area could not survive for very long. However things have changed and SEO trends are modernizing. Nowadays, strong well researched keywords still have a lot of importance but other factors are gaining more importance.

  • The popularity or demise of a website depends a lot on how well designed the user experience is. For instance, users do not like to go through a difficult website interface. Pages should be organized in the form of tabs and users should require extensive searching. A jumbled up website without an organized layout is an instant failure. Customers do not prefer searching through different links to get what they are looking for.
  • Focusing on overall user experience is an integral part. User Experience is not about an amazing interface but making the website beneficial. Is your website providing the user with correct relevant information? Does it provide satisfactory results for the searches? Can users get quality updated content? By getting the answers to these questions, you would know whether your website is on the correct track or not.
  • User Experience problems should not be delayed in any manner. This is something that you need to take care of. A website can have several users added in a second. This also has a flip side. If people witness that the user experience of your website is not what they are seeking, the user count may drop drastically. Functionality is the most important area of user experience.

Let us glance at an example,

If you are on a website, filling a form and suddenly the web page goes into an unresponsive state, what would be your initial reaction? Most user would construct the opinion that the website is not reliable and lacks technical efficiency. People would also think that it would not secure user data. In a nutshell, a negative image about the website would be constructed in the mind of the user. Hence, functionality is very important. To get regular customers, a website has to carry a sound technical infrastructure.

Interesting BLOG posts are very important

Blogging is one of the smartest ways to get traffic on a website. Most website owners do not utilize this option in a proper manner.

  • You can start your own BLOG and execute its SEO procedures. Once it develops a reputation, people would be redirected to your business website after they read a post on it. However, this option does consume time. If you are seeking quicker results, you can start blogging on an established blog and then earn a reputation for your website. SEO Content writing is an essential part of SEO, and you have to must improve it through blogging to get desired objective.
  • Most people give immense importance to quality readable material and this is what helps website growth. Writing a blog requires referring to several key parameters. The post should be interesting and captivate the reader in every way. Always remember that readers do not wait to quit the website even if they get bored slightly. Avoid redundant content and do not repeat the same set of points in the whole post.
  • Headings and paragraphs are critical if you want good regular visitors on your website. Divide the blog into few sections. The headings should be short and self-explanatory. By going through them, the reader should know what the paragraph written under would talk about. Do not confuse the reader in any manner. For instance, if the paragraph is titled “causes of leather price rising” and the content talks only about leather boots, the reader would get confused and leave the page without going any further.
  • Inclusion of facts and figures is very important as it increases the core knowledge of the user. However, if facts are not well researched, the blog would lose credibility which would eventually reduce traffic.
  • A BLOG is not about promoting websites. Instead, this should be the last thing on your mind. Make the post as interesting as possible without simply marketing the website. The rate of traffic on your website would grow automatically when people find the blog interesting.

Avoid Plagiarism

Do not compromise on the content uniqueness at any time. Material that has been created by someone else should not be used without rephrasing and giving the due credit. Thus, make sure that the developed content is not plagiarized in any manner.

Grammatically Correct Content

Web content having grammatical issues is a sign that it has not been written by a professional writer. In other words, it also highlights that the website lacks credibility. Before the content is published on your website, make sure that it has been proofread in a proper manner.

Using Visual Options

Websites that are growing at a good pace today include a lot of other constituents apart from simple text. The use of images as well as videos makes serious difference. People like seeing products before they make a decision about buying them. For instance, if you are selling a pack of colour pencils on your website, the user would have deeper interest in seeing how they look than reading their features. Embedding websites with visual options helps them in growing rapidly in terms of SEO.

Refresh the content at regular intervals

There is no scarcity of websites on any domain. If a user quits a website due to lack of useful content, it is unlikely that he would return. Once a user has a bad experience, he would obviously want to opt for something better and more informative. If your website has updated fresh content at all times, users would be encouraged to visit it as they would be convinced about what the website would offer.

Good SEO ranks depend purely on the hard work that you put in. A website is only ranked on the first page if it has the correct keywords, related keywords, quality images and other key constituents.

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