Give Your Customer a Mobile App on This Christmas - 2018

Give Your Customer a Mobile App on This Christmas - 2018

Give Your Customer a Mobile App on This Christmas - 2018

Businesses are experiencing stiff competition in the market and find ways to gain an edge. A mobile app offers excellent shopping experiences with some exceptional advantages. It means when you give an app for your business in the hands of your customers, you can avail all those come with an app and boost your Christmas sale easily.

We already entered into the Christmas-2018 holiday season. If you look for the evidence, please see on the web and real world marketplaces. You indeed find Christmas decoration, Christmas music, and most interesting is Christmas discounts or incentives.

Businesses whether working purely online, offline or in a combination of both channels, start their preparation early and develop marketing strategies according to trends and analysis/predictions cited by experts. If I am going to suggest online merchants a sure-fire holiday sales strategy, I would like to say,

Give your shoppers a mobile app of your business free of charge on the occasion of the Christmas-2018 holiday season.

You may ask me, why? The perfect answer is available in the following statistics:

Holiday Shopping through Mobile Devices

Christmas App shopping

According to Deloitte survey-2018, it is true that desktop devices are dominating the online holiday buying, but smartphones and tablets like mobile devices are depicting a rapid increase in usage.

Why Mobile App an Excellent Choice for Shopping?

Every shopper is looking for an ideal way to hit their shopping goal with the best shopping experiences.

  • Mobiles are providing online browsing opportunity while on the go.
  • Shoppers can employ this tiny device (smartphone/tablet) even in a brick-n-mortar store to check the best deals for the products they have seen and felt in the real world shop.
  • Mobile offer convenience & advantages of shopping that you access with websites online.
Today mobile app is the most convenient and excellent way of shopping with the best user experiences.

What Should You Offer in Your Festive App?

Christmas App shopping

Now, if you plan to have an app for your business to offer your customers in the Christmas holiday season, the question is that what you should provide them. The following survey outcomes have revealed the things perfectly.

  • 54% - Expect better incentive & loyalty schemes
  • 38% - Desire rewards for using the business app
  • 33% - See better customer service
  • 29% - the In-store level of customer service experiences
  • 21% - Want personalization based on buying history
  • 19% - Contactless (NFD) payment facility
  • 18% - Biometric payment option
  • 15% - Location-based offers
  • 13% - Voice recognition facility to pay
  • 05% - Social network integration

Based on the above-given statistics, I would like to suggest following tips to make your app ready for the upcoming eve of Christmas-2018.

Explore how a mobile app is benefiting your ecommerce to boost your sales and revenue during the Christmas holiday season.

Make Your App Available On All Mobile Platforms

Mobile marketplaces are the most appropriate spaces to grab a vast audience. For instance, Apple Stores brings iOS app users, Google Play Store Android users, and Microsoft Stores Window Mobile users.

However, the best way is to create native apps for each major platform for the sake of native mobile experiences. If budgetary constraints are a hurdle for you, today cross-platform app development technologies are quite advanced to give you almost similar user experiences that a native technology can offer you.

Grant Your App a Festive Ambiance

Christmas is everywhere, and you have to realize it in your app too. An elegant Christmas theme, cover photo related to Christmas, and decorative images relevant to Christmas are some primary ways to build such milieu within your app UI.

Add Christmas keywords in the title, product descriptions, Alt texts, and every section of the mobile app content to get ranking in the mobile SERPs. Creating Christmas special logo and upload it in your app as well as in your social media and other profiles provides real ambiance for the festival.

Offer Right Incentive in App

Discounts and deals are common incentives found in all holiday apps and online websites. Therefore, try gift cards with innovative offers, loyalty programs, and early bird specials to your shoppers. Arranging various contests and engaging your shoppers with your app and business is a proven way of holiday marketing.

Today personalized offers to reward a lot so tell your developers to create an algorithm for it in your app for the Christmas holiday season. The best way to create incentive strategy is to look at your competitors what they offer and run analysis on their success. It will help you determine what will work for you.

Bring Localization & Personalization in App

Languages, culture, and hence the preferences of buyers are changing from a region to another. Therefore, work hard as well as employ local experts/consultants to create localized content, incentives, and manage social media.

You can use GPS like Geo-location services in your app to change the offers and UI according to the locations. Ireland, Eastern Europe, and Latin America are top regions where zeal of Christmas shopping found the highest, so target these hot region in your app localization strategies.

Similarly, personalization based on shopping history, culture, language, and age play a vital role in the success of your holiday sales campaign. It demands active involvement of personalization developers with adequate expertise to make it a success legend for your app.

Optimize App for Holiday Sales

App store optimization according to Christmas theme is essential because the most app downloads take place through the app store and adding Christmas related keywords and images in the app store and other marketplaces where you have uploaded your app for sale or free download make big differences.

App stores used to rank high such apps with these optimization techniques when they target apps to be an event/festival related. Moreover, adding features and functionality related to or support holiday sales have additional advantages. For instance, additional payment gateways, modules to support holiday specials, and gift card support are the trendiest things to apply.


Giving an advanced mobile app in the hands of your shoppers may prove highly beneficial to your business for the upcoming eve of Christmas-2018. If you are looking for the right destination to get an advanced app developed, Perception System, San Jose in the vicinity of Silicon Valley in the USA is for you.

A team of Full Stack Mobile App Developers creatively minded designers, and seasoned app marketers at Perception System awaits you to share their experiences and expertise to help you to boost your Christmas holiday sales.

Posted by Ellen Wills

Ellen Wills
I am Ellen Wills from Perception System, San Jose, CA, USA. At present, I am working closely with Mobile Program team and looking after the marketing aspects attached to Christmas as one of my marketing passions. I love to advise my patrons to boost their holiday sales using mobile app marketing techniques and tactics.

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