7 Clever Digital Marketing Tactics You Should Know

7 Clever Digital Marketing Tactics You Should Know

The role of digital marketing in businesses today cannot be overemphasized, as it helps businesses thrive in a competitive world.

Many small businesses hardly consider digital marketing, which could cause a detriment to their business. The argument for some is that it is not an online business but regardless, the world today has gone digital, and a large percentage of your potential customers are actively online. Digital marketing might seem like a lot of work, but it is not that complicated if you understand the necessary marketing tactics.

Research from the Huffington Post found that the average internet user is served about 11,250 ads per month. This only shows how high the competitive rate is and the little chance you have to increase traction. However, to rank your business to the top and be seen by more potential customers, you need to know how to implement some clever digital marketing tactics.

Here are seven digital marketing strategies and tactics that will help business owners and tech companies who want to grow their revenue:

Content Marketing: Big Part of Attracting a Targeted Audience

Content marketing is a great way to attract your target audience, but it has to be valuable and relevant to your audience; create content that answers questions that your audience might have. Some of the factors that could help improve your content marketing include native advertising, marketing automation, and influencer marketing while focusing on mobile content. To get your digital marketing tactics right, you have to get your content right, else everything would fall apart, and your effort in other areas would not be noticed.

You could either create a bad and low-quality content that would damage your brand or high-quality content that will benefit your brand in so many ways. However, creating high-quality content is not enough; you have to ensure that it is seen by the right people by creating what your audience needs.

Social Media Marketing: to Promote Your Site

Social media is here to stay, and it literally rules our everyday living, and if your business is yet to be active on social media, you have no idea how much sales you are losing out on. Investing in social media is one of the best things to do to promote a business or a site. You can use automation tools to publish posts from your site to your social media pages directly or tools like Hootsuite to schedule your posts. Every brand looking to improve its audience reach must take social media seriously in order to beat the high competition rate. With most people actively on social media today, it takes only a few seconds to divert their interest to your competitor if they can't find you on social media. It could make them think you don't rate them enough or perhaps do not need them.

To get the best of social media, focus on unpaid or organic growth, as it helps create long term stability and trust with your followers. Be consistent with growing your social media pages organically, and you will notice the difference in no time.

SEO: Update and Audit More Frequently

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important factors in digital marketing, as a poor SEO could affect your business. To get SEO to work for you, you need to constantly update and audit it by reviewing your website to see where changes can be made and implementing SEO tactics to improve your search engine rank. Work on your web design and your content to get the most of SEO, and for further improvements, you could hire an expert to manage SEO for you.

Digital Marketing Tactics

Lead Generating: Prioritize Blogging

Blogging might seem like a lot of work, but it could go a long way in generating leads for your business. Publish posts that your audience want to see, including posts that will educate your customers on what you sell. You can also try guest blogging by sharing your content with other known blogs to promote your business. The more valuable pages you publish, the higher your SEO rank. To improve your lead generation marketing strategy with blogging, use CTAs in your blog posts, offer exclusive content, try a welcome redirect and reach out to influencers to help promote your posts.

Webinars: Presentation, demonstration, discussion

A webinar is an online seminar that includes the presentation, demonstration, and discussion. Webinars could be the way forward for your business, as they help engage your audience better than a video content on your social media pages. An effective webinar is a great way to connect and interact with your audience and answer their questions directly. It also helps you give the audience value that will make them want to come back and stick with you. Webinars also give your brand credibility and position you ahead of many in your industry. In the long run, you could generate high-quality leads that will help increase traction and ROI.

Build Brand: Email Marketing to Get More Brand Recognition

Email marketing could seem like something from the past but more businesses today are beginning to explore it and make the best use of it. One of the vital things you need to focus on from the start is building an email list of your customers, as they would be valuable to you in the long run. Interestingly, they could be more effective than your social media platforms, if done well. This is because you are directly interacting with people interested in your product and not just churning posts to the masses, regardless of if your audience engages with them or not.

Email marketing could help generate high-quality business leads that will help attract more customers, thereby increasing traction. Beyond getting new customers is building a lasting relationship with the ones you already have, which will help improve the credibility of your business among many other benefits.

Keywords: Target User-friendly Words

Keyword strategy is vital to SEO and should not be overlooked. To make your SEO rank up among your competitors, you need to target user-friendly words in your posts. Use words that your audience would search for, so they can easily find your brand. These keywords could be implemented in your URL, title, meta description and the post itself.


These clever digital marketing tactics, if implemented well, would go a long way in promoting your brand and increasing traction. Make the best use of them to help your business move forward.

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Bill Brown

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