11 Mistakes to Avoid UI or UX Design to E-commerce Website

11 Mistakes to Avoid UI or UX Design to E-commerce Website

We are living in the Digital Era where virtual reality is everything. People are coming closer in virtual life.

May it be golden memories of special days or once in lifetime holidays they love to share it all online. Digitalization has made our world small. Our everyday needs are also being catered here. Buying something for everyday use or something exclusive for important events everything is available here.

Here E-commerce comes to life.

E-Commerce websites are the online portals that provide for sale or purchase of goods and services over the internet, are simply the sale and purchase of services and goods over an electronic medium, like the Internet or simply put a way of providing all gamuts of products required for smooth functioning of our life online.

Design for e-commerce

Customers love visiting a site which provides them with great experience, which they could discuss with friends and word of mouth works wonder for a website. So, the importance and vitality of UI/UX design part speak volume here. Getting a site which provides easy functioning and brighter view gains all the brownie points in getting the customers hooked. But many a time a minor misbalance in their harmony can cost a customer.

Let's see the 11 mistakes which could harm a good website

A good UX/UI design plays an important role in not just getting customers but retaining one too. They work like a human body where UX design is a functioning brain and UI acts as the physical appearance of the body.

Points to keep in mind to avoid UI/UX Design to ruin the website.

Appealing Appearance

Reaching a homepage of a website should be like reaching a friend’s home. The user should feel welcomed. Here UI design plays a crucial role in making the site more appealing by the use of vibrant colors, good color contrast, brighter layouts, styles, and statements making it visually appealing.

Smooth Purchasing Process

Initiating a purchase is a first step leading to complete the purchase. If the process is bumpy or requires too many clicks, it tends to cost a customer as no one wants to go for a lengthy process. In the fiercely competitive e-commerce world each extra click moves the customer away from the purchase.

Make purchasing the best user experience

Customers can feel more attracted if they are provided with more personalized experience it could be done by saving their last product searches or displaying attractive offers available on their searched products even by saving and reminding them of the product they added in a cart but not purchased.

Customer Is King

Marketplace should focus on users who buy products. It should be according to the need of a larger group. Keeping into consideration their age, gender, occupation, hobbies, likes/dislikes, the information should be described to understand the mindsets of the users and their requirements from the site.

Well Informed Users

Keep your users informed: make the screens or pages filled with information and functionality users need for making a purchase. Clear information has a huge effect on the users buying decision. Clear information about products features, ingredients, usage, material, measurement and product used. Along with sharp images of the product from different angles can be a game changer.

Make Their Stay Worthy

A user does not like spending much time on a site which they don't find useful. Make that few seconds count. The process of initiating a purchase, watching feedbacks of products, to check out and payment options everything should work in a flow. Dealing with anything extra can change the mood of the buyer — fewer hassle happy customer.

Interactive User Interface

The interactive user interface of any e-commerce website should be easy and simple to operate. The bad UI design will give a feeling of complication and confusion to customers which lead to misunderstood information.

Payment Options

When a customer has chosen a product and is ready to buy and make payments. Making the payment process lengthy by having multiple pages to get the information leads to a lack of trust in buyers end. The lengthier the process from initiating a purchase to payment options there are higher chances of losing a valuable customer.

User Feedback

Before buying a product each customer first sees the rating and review of the product. Feedbacks provides an unspoken trust level among different users to guide them through the shopping.

Form Filling a Sluggish Art

Companies likes to gather information about the customers based on which UX designing could be made more interactive. The form should be designed to have minimum field and take the basic minimum information and making it clear and conscience it should cut down on user efforts and make it appealing.

Mobile Apps, Small Screen Miracles

Every person now have a mobile in the palm of their hand; they are faster. They provide instant online and offline access easy to collect customer feedback and help in enhancing product and services they could reach their customer directly and can collect their feedback and reviews thus helping in retaining a customer

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