The Futuristic Age of 5G and its Potential Breakthroughs

The Futuristic Age of 5G and its Potential Breakthroughs

With some of the major phone carriers across the US planning on deploying 5G data network on a commercial scale in late 2019, the need to know about this next generation wireless data technology becomes ever so apparent.

Wouldn’t you agree? Basically, 5G is the latest iteration of the mobile network industry, and being that, it is lighter, faster, and definitely more responsive than its predecessors, which is saying something. You might have already tasted the speeds offered in 4G LTE. Wait till you realize what gifts 5G comes bearing this year!

Speed is the fundamental metric, these days, for conducting daily tasks, and it has become an essential public demand too. Take a look around. No one is handing out letters to the postal workers anymore, and waiting around for weeklong replies. They are busy sending messages on chatting apps with a simple touch on their smartphone screens, and getting instant replies only a few milliseconds later—if not over their subscribed in-home connections, like Spectrum internet, then surely via mobile data networks, like Verizon. Any hurdle in this kind of quick gratification makes them rattle the doors of their internet service providers, and agitatedly move from one to the other.

It is to address this particular over-reliance of the present generation on a speedy network, and fulfill the need for a lightning-fast mobile data, that the developers have brought 5G to the forefront. According to International Telecommunications Union (ITU)’s latest report, 5G is estimated to host peak download speeds up to 20 Gbps, and support upload speeds up to 10 Gbps, while reducing the latency rate to a jaw-dropping 1 milliseconds or even less.

Such is the radical nature of this mobile network technology as it promises to take us further towards an ultra-fast and uber-connected digital future. What makes it different from the 4G LTE standards is that instead of relying on high-top cellular towers to send broadband signals everywhere equally in a wide range (subject to interference), 5G signals are said to be beamed from a large number of small cellular stations installed everywhere to reduce interference and better broadband dispensation. Not only that, it is expected to have an ‘always-on’ capability, an energy efficient outlook and advanced data management features such as network slicing, etc.

All in all, you can say that 5G is a breakthrough in the internet technology, yet how will it impact our everyday activities, once it becomes widely accessible? Let’s imagine.

Small Scale Impact: Collaboration Like Never Before!

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your crucial video call frozen in mid-meeting by a bad internet connection. Data lags and streaming glitches of all shapes are completely undesirable in all situations. For human collaboration and interaction to work perfectly, a flawless network is necessary. Let me present to you 5G, offering super-fast loading speeds and next-to-nothing latency rates. This revolutionary technology promises to close the gap between the data request and data delivery with a finesse, opening new avenues of connectivity in domains like:

  • Business - Team projects could gain a whole new momentum, with instant cloud access and real-time simultaneous collaboration, once 5G is successfully implemented by commercial organizations.
  • Social Media- Enter collaborative ‘stories’, perfectly capturing the experience of an event, like a concert, from all kinds of POVs, not just one. With 5G in place, this sort of a mega-video could be viewed live, shared easily across multiple social media platforms, and enjoyed in its collective wholeness by users who get to feel like they’re ‘there’.
  • Medicine- Simulated surgeries and patient-doctor sessions in Virtual Reality become possible with 5G, as shown by the latest tech convention of Qualcomm Snapdragon.
  • Education- Once 5G makes its way into classrooms, educational instruction is expected to take a catapult into the future. Imagine being able to travel all the way to the Great Wall of China or the pyramids of Egypt right from your phone, while sitting in the classroom. Yes, 5G combined with a boosted Augment Reality software could enable educators to transform their geography lessons into 3D field trips that adjust to the movements of the users in the said environments.
  • Entertainment- A 4K streaming of your favorite shows that NEVER buffer is only one of the benefits that 5G brings.

The list of 5G’s impact on real-time human collaboration goes on.

Large Scale Impact: Cities of the Future!

Once 5G makes its way from limited personalized spaces into the shared spaces of the cities, you will find yourself standing in a Jetsons-like neighborhood that’ll blow your mind away. What can an enhanced utilization and dispersal of this ground-breaking wireless network technology do?

  • Industrial Automation- A lag-less and glitch-free control of the connected IoT in an industry, courtesy of 5G, could streamline many operations and processes which are still in the nascent stage.
  • Adaptive Infrastructure- 5G could potentially turn the dream of a green and sustainable city into reality by powering climate-friendly and energy-efficient technology that’s being envisioned today, like the AI-run smog-free tower, smart devices, and whatnot.
  • Locomotion- Self-driving cars relaying ‘live’ route information to the nearby vehicles, smart parking lots, and remote traffic signals could all see a boost with the wonderful 5G tech.

In conclusion, with 5G’s lightning-fast capabilities being brought within our grasp, you could almost say that the future is here!

Posted by Sean Wiliamson

Sean Wiliamson


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