7 Amazing Ways To Build Links To Your Website in 2019

7 Amazing Ways To Build Links To Your Website in 2019

Any website owner who wishes to rank higher on the search engines needs to acquire the knowledge regarding building links.

For that, you need to have a good strategy and loads of practice. The key is to keep working on it.

The more you work, the better you get at it. The better you get at it, the more your chances to rank higher increases on the search engines. Links play a major role in elevating your website’s rank. It is crucial that one master the art of building links to get the most attention from the customers.

It would be really difficult for your website to get recognition without links as they would always be a huge part of Google’s algorithm. Hence, here are the most common and amazing ways to build links to your website in 2019. Let’s get started.

Broken link building

The broken link building technique is a technique that is sure to succeed. These are the links that do not exist anymore. Broken link building can be done in three easy steps:

  • A. Identify a broken link on your website.
  • B. Create content that matches the broken link.
  • C. Request the webmaster to link to your working website.

Your audience visiting your website do not wish to be redirected to a web page that is dead. Taking this into consideration, one should find a website of your industry, recognize the broken links on that site and then contact the webmaster of that website to convey them of all the dead links. You could then request them to link the links that relate to your page content in return to your website.

Building relationships

Good connections help you in better link building. A number of opportunities are available to build a good network. For instance you could join one of the online forums or social groups that are related to your niche. Take the initiative by adding some value to a discussion on any forum, sending interesting comments on Facebook groups or simply being active on your blog. Indulging in these online communities that are related to your content, you will gain access to backlinks, have contacts to the latest news in the industry and have the opportunity to connect to like-minded people around the world. Start your own blog

A perfect link-building method is by managing your content. By starting your own blog, you have the chance to create high-quality content for your audience. Write your posts consistently. The most difficult task after creating a blog is keeping it alive. Do not waste your time by just creating a blog with only one post.

Choose topics that are related to the industry or something that strikes interest in your readers. Provide your audience with useful content that is properly structured, informative and relevant. In this way, you will have your audience’s attention and they shall willingly share your content. This increases the blogger’s outreach. Give your audience a reason to share your links.

Through this, many like-minded people would wish to link your content again and again. As your blog gains attention, the organic backlinks would begin to pour in. Don’t make your content too complicated. Avoid usage of words that would confuse your audience. Make sure your posts are readable.

New SEO strategy

Keep a check on your competitor’s new links

You have to be extremely aware of all the new links that are been created by your competitors. Keep a check on their activities and use ethical link building method. There are certain tools available that allow you to know about your competitor’s new links and can also help you monitor their actions. Remember that this is a huge part in determining the success of your website. Keeping a check on your competitor’s new links will aid you in finding new links for your website. It will also help you in discovering new sources and methods for you to use.

Infographic Outreach

It is always easier to represent information through graphical representation. Also, it makes it easier for your audience to understand the content visually. Everyone has a different way of grasping information. You need to present your content in every form possible for better understanding and wider reach. A large number of people make use of infographics to get links. Infographics have the ability to add worth to your posts. They are also super facile to share on social media. They can be spotted easily due to their colors, graphics, and pictorials. Infographics are a hidden link-building tool that provides access to users to different areas of your website.

List your website on trustworthy directories

It is necessary that you get your website listed on an online directory that is authentic. Exclude all the directories that are online but useless and have no actual presence. Look for an online directory that provides you with a chance to post a link to your website and also gives relevant information for your audience. Choose the directories that are linked to websites with niche or specific content. Once your website is listed with online directories, it will be easier for you to get recognized on major search engines.

Reports and Case studies

For your website to become an authority link and have a lot of backlinks, it is crucial that your content has a lot of statistics, facts and graphs. If you want your content to be the most shared then you need to include research papers, case studies, reviews, and comparisons. You could also include polls, and stats to your website for a more genuine look. Try to be original with your content. Add test results, surveys, and charts to your website. Also do not forget to link all your sources.

Building links is a sure shot way to boost your rankings. Follow these amazing strategies and improve the visibility of your website.

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