How you can master the art of ranking in the SEO Rat Race?

How you can master the art of ranking in the SEO Rat Race?

No one can deny the fact that the current generation is the most privileged generation to ever live on this planet.

We are in the world of the internet where a click on the browser takes you to the allocated web pages. The Web-initiated by Tim Berners-Lee with the vision of sharing knowledge and information has now become a leading platform for the global market. With the popularity and increasing web user by the commoners, the investors have started switching their market on the net.

A brief idea on search engines

Search engines are the tools designed to search for information from the web. It allows the user to search documents, images, files, and other contents in the form of inputs. The World Wide Web (WWW) filters the inputs and displays the best output results.

There are many search engines available on the internet and consolidated in the hands of eminent players. Amongst the top rankers, Google, Yahoo controls most of the searches. The research proclaims 70% of the searched are from Google.

The search engine is growing well-attracting marketers and making the internet business a challenging one. The engine's market share is expanding worldwide in all the continents in the past years.

Parts of a search engine

Every search engine whether it's Google or a standard search engine, they constitute these three parts.

  • Crawler
  • Catalog
  • Search interface


A crawler scours the web links by adding new pages. Every search engine has a period of deep crawling and a period of shallow crawling.


A catalog or index is the part which acts as a storage house. The data is collected by the crawler and stored in the index. Whenever a person is searching on the search engine, the search is not on the web but the cache of the web provided by the search engine's index.

Search interface

A search interface is that part of the search engine where a searcher gets the most relevant results for their respective keywords. For example, a search for the keyword dance can take you on the rank for ranked, ranking, rankers and so on.

The objective of search engine

The primary purpose of a search engine is to provide the best relevant results for the keywords searched by the users. The enhancement probability is a function and dependence of the searches. For example, if a person searches a keyword on the internet and gets appropriate solution he was seeking, he becomes satisfied and contented. The positive impact will be such that next time whenever he comes on the internet for search, he will visit your search engine.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method of boosting your websites in bulk by a greater number of searches on search engine lists. In other words, it is a technique for optimizing your website thereby increasing your business strategy. SEO as a whole is a part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) where the marketers are targeting more audience to promote their websites and expand their business.

How to rank in the rat race

With the coming of different search engines, the competition for the marketers is becoming more challenging every day. To get SEO's trafficking is quite tough because of the tremendous search engines popularity ever now and then. To rank on the top in the rat race is not a cup of tea for everyone, but it's not impossible either. The following factors can be helpful for the websites to grow enormously.

  • Relevance
    Nobody cares on the size or texture of your content; rather they do look on the relevancy. The relevance of your content provides a good impact on the growth of SEO. If you have great content with best illustrations, but if the user is unable to reach what they are looking for, your entire content will be worthless for him. For example, a faculty highly qualified, having a master degree in a particular subject. But if he cannot deliver his students, the relevant topics asked to him, then for the student that faculty will be useless.

  • Website content
    Once your searchers find your website through their relevant search, the next thing they look into is your content. Good content must have proper writings, URL structure, and best illustrating pictures. In short, the website should be made attractive and colorful which attracts the audience.
    While creating websites, you must make sure that you catch your reader’s attention. Highlighting the important part of the content and using bold can be a great aid for making the content look attractive to the readers.

  • Identifying Keywords
    The keywords play the most important role in maximizing your SEO. The whole search process is the game of keywords. Choosing the right keyword to find your most appropriate audience isn't too tough. You have to make sure that you use popular keywords and not use harsh words. Your keywords must be simpler so that it is easily accessible.
    Moreover, long-term keywords can be beneficial. It's like getting many variant colors of the same fruit from the same tree. The same keyword with a different way of searching may be common in the long-term keywords.

  • Earn your audience’s trust
    For any company to survive in the survival of the fittest era trust isn't something you bargain in the market; you have to earn it. Gaining your visitor's trust isn't too tough, but yes, it is time-consuming. Once you master in getting trust from your audience, that's the point you turn the table and top in the rat race.

Now, what's next?

Once you have mastered in attracting your audience and building a good rapport by providing them with the best content, your work doesn't end here. After getting your happy audience, you need to apply the TMRR Principle.

The TMRR principle is the acronym of Target Measure Review and Reflect. You should measure the overall traffic weekly or biweekly and have a good track of how much more visitors are visiting.

SEO is becoming one of the best business strategies in recent times. They have influenced many markets to switch their business and earnings on the internet. The SEO optimization Los Angeles markets are noteworthy examples for all the starters of SEO.

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Thomas Sujain

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