5 Tools That Every Online Startup Should Consider

5 Tools That Every Online Startup Should Consider

This is an era of internet, where everyone is online from your parents to the people you don’t even know.

Agents, consumers, and producers are rare species, and they don’t spend time browsing through markets. It is more convenient to scroll or move the pointers through laptops or phone screen and then to move physically in the market.
Since the trends are changing, the internet is ‘the big thing now’ as everything happens over the internet today, which is why it is a completely logical decision to take your business online. For an online business, you can surely follow the examples of the successful companies who managed to operate online and are shining in this hazy glitz of the internet.


Asana is a mobile and web application specially designed to cater to the team's track, organize and manage the work. It is a software service designed to enhance team collaboration and work management. It is all in one tool where projects are created, assigned to teammates with specified deadlines and communication of tasks.
Asana released its android app in January 2015 and redesigned application in September 2015. The app includes reporting tools, file attachments, etc. Asana is said to be a faithful friend in times of deadlines and ultimate work chaos. It aims to replace the use of email for work communication.


Dropbox is a service designed for file hosting activated by the American company Dropbox, Inc. with its headquarters in San Francisco that offers file synchronization, could storage, client software and personal cloud. MIT students in 2007 founded it as a startup company and initial funding from seed accelerator Y Combinator.
Dropbox helps you to bring files together in one central place with the help of a special folder on your computer. For online startups, dropbox uses a free premium business model.
The users are offered a free account with set storage size. The paid subscriptions are also available, offering more capacity and extra features.
The dropbox primary users are given 2 GB of free storage space that startups can use for storing and maintaining records.

G suite

G suite is said to be the cloud computing, collaboration and productivity tools, products, and software developed by Google and was launched on August 28th, 2006 named as Google Apps for your Domain. G Suite consists of Hangouts, Gmail, Calendar, Drive fir storage and Currents for communication.
The basic plan of G Suite comprises of email addresses with custom domains, e.g. (@yourcompany.com), voice, and video calls, 30 GB storage and calendars.
G Suite had 4million paying businesses/ startups in January 2017 and 70 million for education users.


Grammarly is known as a technology company developing a digital writing tool or instrument using artificial intelligence. With the help of machine learning algorithms, its products spell checking, grammar checking, and plagiarism detection services. Clear instructions regarding writing, vocabulary, style, tone, and delivery. This software was released in July 2009.


Slack is an American cloud-based arrangement of restrictive group joint effort programming tools and online administrations, created by Slack Technologies. "Slack" is an abbreviation for Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge."
Slack offers numerous IRC-like highlights, including industrious visit rooms (channels) composed by subject, private gatherings, and direct messaging. Content, including documents, discussions, and individuals, are all accessible inside Slack. Clients can add emoticon catches to their messages, on which different clients would then be able to snap to express their responses to messages.
Slack's free arrangement permits just the 10,000 latest messages to be seen and searched. Slack groups permit networks, gatherings, or groups to join a "workspace" by means of a particular URL or greeting sent by a group administrator or proprietor. Although Slack was produced for authoritative correspondence, Slack incorporates with some outsider administrations and furthermore underpins network manufactured reconciliations. Real incorporations incorporate administrations, for example, Google Drive, Trello, Dropbox.

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